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Changing word forms - Examples - Last Update :

Prefix and Suffix Examples

Click for more examples. Make you own sentences with some of the example words.

  • OUT-

    Example: Outperform He outperformed every other competitor in the race

  • OVER- Example: Overcooked
    I prefer my steak rare. This is overcooked.
  • -IVE

    Example: alternative There's no alternative - An alternative solution

  • -ION

    Example: option

  • -FUL Example: successful
  • -ITY

    Example: responsibility

  • -ISM

    Example: organism

  • -NESS

    Example: weakness

  • -LESS

    Example: hopeless

  • -ABLE

    Example: endurable

  • -ISH

    Example: brownish

  • -ISE

    Example: modernise

  • -MENT

    Example: enjoyment

  • -SHIP

    Example: relationship

  • BE-

    Example: befriend

  • -AL

    Example: experimental

  • -HOOD

    Example: brotherhood

  • -SOME

    Example: tiresome

  • MIS-

    Example: misbehaved

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