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Complete the following sentences to form common word combinations. The first letter of the missing word is given in each case to help you.
  1. Unfortunately, I missed the bus so I had to hitch a ____________
  2. The factory worker's strike brought the traffic to a ____________ in most parts of the country.
  3. Quick! Grab ____________ of my hand and I'll try and pull you out.
  4. I took ____________ of the sales to buy myself a smart new suit.
  5. Jan takes large doses of Vitamin C at the slightest ____________ of a cold.
  6. My kids just never ____________ a second thought to where all the money comes from to pay for their toys and presents.
  7. Clean, running water plays a vital ____________ in the health of the population of any country.
  8. In a negotiating situation you should always leave yourself plenty of ____________ for manoeuvre.
  9. If I were you I'd give ____________ to improving your pronunciation.
  10. I get so tired at work that I ____________ a point when I can't concentrate anymore.
  11. I worked all night long in order to ____________ the deadline. I finally managed to hand my essay in on time.
  12. The sun shining on the trees ____________ a shadow across the field.
  13. I'm not saying he's a liar, but he does tend to ____________ the truth a little when he's talking about his achievements.
  14. It was his comment that most unemployed people don't want to work that I ____________ issue with. It's just not true.
  15. He is supposed to be ____________ descended from aristocratic landowners who lived in the 17th century.
  16. Yes, ____________ all means give me a ring if you need any help. It won't be any trouble at all.
  17. I'm sorry but I can't ____________ the rules for you just because we are related. If I allowed you time off I'd have to do it for everyone.
  18. If anything goes wrong with the watch while it's ____________ guarantee I can get my money back.
  19. She's very talented and will ____________ a success of anything she decides to do.
  20. His family ____________ a major role in his decision to leave work and open up his own business.


Match each verb with the best two adverbs. Make one of the matches into a sentence.


  1. Laugh
  2. dress
  3. listen
  4. behave
  5. know


  1. intuitively
  2. irresponsibly
  3. sincerely
  4. neatly
  5. attentively
  6. drastically
  7. helplessly
  8. bitterly
  9. imperceptibly
  10. uneasily
  11. intimately
  12. patiently
  13. elegantly
  1. The prisoners are forced to live in abominable conditions.
  2. The weather's been abominable all week.

    He behaved abominably towards her.
  3. imperceptible
    unable to be noticed or felt because of being very slight.
    She heard a faint, almost imperceptible cry.
  4. imperceptibly
    almost imperceptibly, her condition had worsened. based on feelings rather than facts or proof
  5. an intuitive approach/judgment
    Most people have an intuitive sense of right and wrong. able to know or understand something because of feelings rather than facts or proof Men are often regarded as less intuitive than women.
  6. Intimate
    having, or being likely to cause, a very close friendship or personal or sexual relationship intimate relationships The restaurant has a very intimate atmosphere. He's become very intimate with an actress.
  7. intimately - adverb
    His clothes are all neatly folded in their drawers.
  8. laugh (helplessly / uneasily) When I tickle my son he laughs helplessly.
  9. dress (elegantly / neatly) The queen of England usually dresses elegantly. pupils must dress neatly for school.
  10. Listen (patiently / attentively)
    If you don't listen attentively to me then you could fail your exams. Try to listen patiently to your fathers boring speech.
  11. regret (sincerely / bitterly) The boy bitterly regrets the abominable row with his mother. no verb + adverb (regrets bitterly)
    1. speak slowly
    2. run quickly
    3. live peacefully
    4. drive carefully
    5. think smartly
    6. bitterly regret
    7. sincerely regret
    8. apologise profusely
    9. apologise unreservedly
  12. I sincerely regret being late.
  13. behave ( abominably / irresponsibly ) The problem with young people today is that they often behave irresponsibly.
  14. change (imperceptibly / drastically) The situation changed imperceptibly after the economic crisis. one iota an extremely small amount I haven't seen one iota of evidence to support his claim. Drastic changes are needed to tackle the problem of drunken drivers. know (intuitively / intimately) Every mother intuitively knows what children need. London taxi drivers know the city streets intimately. In the past couples could not know each other intimately before they were married.

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