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Expression Think

phrasal verbs, expressions with think. put in the missing word. Sometimes there might be more than one correct answer.
  1. It might help you to understand Elaine if you think ____________ to when you were her age.
  2. It's no good asking me all the time, Anna - you're going to have to learn to think ____________ yourself.
  3. Can you think ____________ a good reason to ask for some more money?
  4. I think ____________ him as someone who will always help me.
  5. What did you think ____________ his latest novel?
  6. The scheme was well thought ____________ .
  7. I need some time to think ____________ his proposal.
  8. I need some time to think it ____________ - I don't want to make any sudden decisions.
  9. I don't want to go tonight but I can't think ____________ a good excuse.
  10. "Do you think I should take this job or try for another?" "You should do as you think ____________ ."
  11. I ____________ to think what would happen if he was left to cope on his own.
  12. Just do whatever you think ____________ - I'm sure you'll make the right decision.
  13. There was so much noise in the classroom that I could hardly ____________ myself think.
  14. I ____________ to think what my parents will say when I tell them I've failed my exams.
  15. "What did you say?" "Oh, nothing, I was just thinking ____________ ."
  16. I don't think ____________ of having to work on Saturdays.
  17. I ____________ to think what will happen when he finds out.
  18. She thinks very ____________ of her boss.
  19. I'd never heard about the firm before, so I had to think on my ____________ .
  20. I'm sorry, that was a stupid thing to do - I wasn't thinking ____________ .


For question 1-16 find the missing words in the spaces. Use only one word for each space.

Where Have All The Good Cartoons Gone?

Childhood will (1) ____________ be the same again. Remember Saturday mornings spent lounging on the sofa, hour (2) ____________ hour, watching your favourite cartoons? (3) ____________ there have been a better reward for the long school week that had had to be endured? Bugs Bunny, Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse brought virtually live into (4) ____________ living rooms. Back then, they were in black and white, and back then, they were meant to amuse, to entertain.

It seems (5) ____________ has changed - and definitely (6) ____________ the worse. Now when you turn on the television on a Saturday or Sunday morning, you do (7) ____________ at your own risk! Be prepared to confront violence in all its animated glory: exploding bombs, falling buildings, blazing weapons, and bad guy after bad guy. I don't see (8) ____________ is funny about this warped vision of our times and our society. (9) ____________ do I see what's worth watching on these programmes with (10) ____________ gruesome caricatures of good and evil. Who is responsible for children's programming these days?

It cannot be good for today's youth to be exposed (11) ____________ this type of entertainment. (12) ____________ best they are missing out (13) ____________ the humour, sensitivity and moral lessons that were to be had from the cartoons of old. At worst, their childish brains are (14) ____________ filled with scenes of non-stop violence and ideas that are morally corrupt. Childhood should be a time of innocence, short-lived as it (15) ____________ be in these turbulent times in which we live. Perhaps we should bear this in mind the next time we see our child glued (15) ____________
the TV on a Saturday morning.

2 - Cartoon Slides

How many of these cartoon characters do you know? Can you describe a typical scene from a cartoon with one of your favourite cartoons? Cartoon Characters

In most lines there is one unnecessary word. It is either grammatically incorrect or does not fit in with the sense of the text.

Getting older Telescopes your Perception of Time

  1. Does your birthday seem to come around faster in each year?
  2. The common experience that time flies as you get older was
  3. first noted more than a hundred years ago by the psychologist
  4. William James. Now researchers have proved it that age really
  5. does affect on your perception of time. They asked people in three
  6. age groups to date the twenty major public events such as natural
  7. disaster and political changes. The 18-21 age group who thought
  8. the events had occurred more recently than they had to,
  9. while the over-60s dated events too far back. The middle-aged
  10. groups were the most accurate. These results are show that our
  11. perception of time really it does depend on age, although no one
  12. knows quite why this should be. One explanation for is that as
  13. we get older we accumulate of generic memories of events such as
  14. Christmas and holidays. Such a regular events may create the
  15. impression of time is passing more quickly. Another explanation
  16. is that we perceive time in relation to our own age - when you
  17. are four, a year is a quarter of your life, but it's only a fortieth for a
  18. 40-year-old.

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