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One good turn deserves another

OG IMAGE For questions 1-8, form the correct word out of the one in brackets.
On his way to the all-important job interview at St Cake's, Rupert had foolishly stopped to help someone fix an old car, which was barely (1) ____________ (road).
This meant he arrived late and had oil marks on his shirt and jacket. He went into reception and was led into a waiting room with great (2) ____________ (solemn). There were three other candidates there, who (3) ____________ (repeat) stared in amazement at his clothes.
Clearly, the (4) ____________ (speak) rule was a smile at no-one and speak to no-one! The other three were, of course, immaculately dressed and (5) ____________ (seem) cool, calm and collected. Rupert suddenly felt completely (6) ____________ (courage) as he imagined a (7) ____________ (nightmare) scene with the interviewers barely able to hide their contempt for him as he sat, dirty and sweating,on the chair in front of them!
After thirty interminable minutes, Rupert was finally called into the interview room. As he entered, a familiar-looking old man greeted him, 'Ah, Mr Chester, the man with the in-depth (8) ____________ (know) of the old Rover 80!' Rupert smiled. Maybe he would get the job after all! Show Answers $commentDB = $this->loadMethod('commentDB', true); $commentDB->thread(); ?>
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