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Island In The Sun

Listening: away from home (multiple choice) island For questions 1-8, read the text below use the words in the brackets to form a word that fits in the space in the text.

Combine an exotic (1) ____________ (tropic) setting, a cleverly plot and an intriguing cast of characters and one would (2) ____________ (right) expect a page-turner of a novel, especially considering it was written by acclaimed author, Daniel Bray. The (3) ____________ (deny) truth, however, is that Bray seems to have lost his touch, if only in this isolated case. While Bray has added all the necessary (4) ____________ (literature) ingredients, the book just seems a bit half-cooked. It starts (5) ____________ (promise) enough - a beautiful naive nanny arrives on an isolated island only to discover her employer, the recently widowed Marquis De Banqueth, conceals a (6 ) ____________ (mystery) secret. However, it simply doesn't go anywhere. In a nutshell, Bray leads his reader down an (7) ____________ (end), rambling path without ever providing them with any (8) ____________ (resolve) to the plot.

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