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Jekyll and Hyde

1 Who were Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde? What do you think is meant by 'Jekyll and Hyde' personality?
2 Read the words of the song below and predict the missing words. They all rhyme with the last word of a previous line.

Dr Heckyll and Mr Jive

Dr Heckyll works late at the laboratory
Where things are not as they seem
Dr Heckyll wishes nothing more desperately
Than to fulfill all of his (1)
Login please   ____________   X

Letting loose with a scream in the dead of night
As he's breaking new ground
trying his best to unlock all the secrets
But he's not sure what he's (2)
Login please   ____________   X

Dr Heckyll is his own little guinea pig
'Cos they all think he's mad
Sets his sights on the search of a lifetime
And he's never, never (3)
Login please   ____________   X

Whoa oh, it's off to work he goes
In the name of science and all its wonders

This is the story of Dr Heckyll and Mr Jive
They are a person who feels good to be (4)
Login please   ____________   X

This is the story of Dr Heckyll and Mr Jive
Believes the underdog will eventually (5)
Login please   ____________   X

Not long now till the ultimate experiment
He's breaking all the rules
He wants to cure all matter of imbalance
In this world of (6)
Login please   ____________   X

He locks the door and he looks around nervously
He knows there's no one there
He drinks it down and waits for some reaction
To all his work and (7)
Login please   ____________   X

Hey, hey he fumbles for what to say
He loves the world except for all the people


Now listen to the song and check your answers.
3 Discuss with another student the answers to these questions.
  1. Why do you think 'things are not as they seem'?
  2. Why does he 'scream'?
  3. What does 'to break new ground' mean?
  4. In what way is he 'his own little guinea pig'?
  5. What does 'to set your sights (on something)' mean?
  6. What is 'the underdog'?
  7. What is 'the ultimate experiment'?
4 Now look at the extract from Mary Shelley's famous novel Frankenstein about another overambitious scientist who creates a monster. Answer these questions:
  1. What has the narrator done?
  2. How does he feel about this?
5 Sometimes students agree to test new drugs for money, to show what side effects there might be on humans. Would you ever consider doing, this?

Grammar check: conditionals

6 Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense in the sentences below.
  1. You
    Login please   ____________   X
    (not pass) your science test unless you do some serious revision this weekend.
  2. If he'd known what was going to happen, he
    Login please   ____________   X
    (not start) the experiment.
  3. I
    Login please   ____________   X
    (go) to the Sheryl Crow concert if I wasn't going to be away on holiday next week.
  4. If you
    Login please   ____________   X
    (say) the word walk', our dog runs to the front door!
  5. If you
    Login please   ____________   X
    (do) a bit more exercise you would feel a lot better.
  6. You should read the new Michael Crichton thriller if you
    Login please   ____________   X
    (get) the chance.
  7. If you press this button, the machine
    Login please   ____________   X
    (add) extra sugar to your coffee.
  8. Can I borrow your car, if I
    Login please   ____________   X
    (promise) to take good care of it?
  9. If you
    Login please   ____________   X
    (come) to the party, you would have met my sister.
  10. Tell Tom to ring me if he
    Login please   ____________   X
    (have) the chance
7 Refer back to the examples and complete these rules with the missing tenses.

  1. To talk about something that is always true we can use this structure: If + Present Simple, +
    Login please   ____________   X
  2. To talk about something that is possible we can use this structure: If+
    Login please   ____________   X
    + will
  3. To talk about something that is not true in the present and unlikely or impossible in the future we can use this structure: If+.
    Login please   ____________   X
    , + would
  4. To talk about something that is imaginary in the past we can use this structure: If +
    Login please   ____________   X
    , + would have
8 Complete the following sentences in a way that is true for you. Then find the student in the class who has completed their sentences in the most similar way to you.
  1. If I have some free time tonight I will
    Login please   ____________   X
  2. If I become completely fluent in English, I will
    Login please   ____________   X
  3. If I won ??1,000 on the lottery, I would
    Login please   ____________   X
  4. If I had the chance to visit anywhere in the world, I would
    Login please   ____________   X
  5. When I was younger, if I had
    Login please   ____________   X

Vocabulary: science and medicine

9 Match the following words to the definition below.
  1. to clone
  2. a cell
  3. reproduction
  4. an organ
  5. (skin) tissue
  6. an embryo
  7. genetic engineering
  8. fertilisation
  9. a technique
  10. a physicist
  11. ethics
  12. DNA
  1. part of the body, such as the heart or lungs, that has a particular purpose
  2. an animal or human in the early stages of development before birth
  3. a special skill or way of doing something, especially one that has to be learned
  4. moral rules or principles of behaviour for deciding what is right and wrong
  5. to make sperm join an egg so that a young baby or animal develops
  6. the act or process of producing young animals or plants
  7. an acid that carries genetic information in a cell
  8. to make an exact copy of a plant or animal by taking a cell from it and developing it artificially
  9. the material forming animal or plant cells
  10. someone who works in the science concerned with the study of physical objects and substances, and of natural forces such as light, heat and movement
  11. the science of changing the genetic structure of an animal, plant or human in order to affect the way it develops
  12. the smallest part of a living thing that can exist independently
Check you can pronounce all the words correctly.
10 Use your dictionary to find the following parts of speech.

  1. A noun from to clone.
  2. A verb and adjective from reproduction.
  3. An adjective from embryo.
  4. A noun from genetic.
  5. A verb from fertilisation.
  6. A noun from physicist
  7. An adjective from ethics.
11 Discuss with other students.
  1. What is involved in 'cloning' and 'genetic engineering'? What purposes could they be used for? Are there any ethical issues? If so, what are they?
  2. Listen to these comments about cloning. Which of these views do you particularly sympathise with? Why?
  3. Is the role of the 'scientist' simply to discover new things? Or are scientists at all responsible for what uses their discoveries are put to?
12 In the review there were a number of adverb + adjective/participle collocations e.g. brilliantly conceived, horribly polluted, hugely influential. Look at the table below and decide which of the adverbs on the left can collocate with the words on the right.
  1. highly
  2. profoundly
  3. utterly
  4. excruciatingly
  5. amazingly
  1. successful
  2. amusing
  3. moving
  4. ridiculous
  5. disappointing
  6. tedious
  7. impressive
  8. entertaining
13 Look at this task. Decide what you are going to review. Look through the the model reviews and the useful language box on. Make a note of any words or phrases you think you might be able to use in your review.

An international magazine for young people is doing a series of reviews of books/films called / had to see/read it again! You have been asked to contribute a 250-word review of a book or film that you have read or seen more than once and which made a deep impression. Give some background information to the book or film, briefly describe the contents and then summarise your feelings about it and why it made such an impact on you.
14 Now write your review, taking care to:

  • respond to all the parts of the question
  • organise your review into paragraphs (Check the elements of a good review in Exercise 2 above.)
  • begin your review in a way that captures the reader's interest use a wide range of interesting vocabulary

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