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Discuss what you think young people today want most out of life. Read the text without looking at the words below. Decide what words might fit each space. Look at the context around each space. The missing word may be part of a fixed phrase/expression.
Decide which word best fits each space. Think about the precise meaning of each of the options. Make sure your choice best fits the meaning of the sentence in the

The coolest kids in Europe share a single (1) ____________
a) drive b) eagerness c) ambition d) yearning they want to get married, have children and live happily ever after. They know it means (2) ____________
a) putting b) keeping c) having d) wanting their children first and sticking with their spouses even if they (3) ____________
a) drop b) fall c) slip d) jump out of love. This news comes from the report of a new study that (4) ____________
a) made b) aimed c) looked d) set out to find the answer to the modern riddle: What will today's (5) ____________
a) youth b) young c) juniors d) juveniles really, really want tomorrow? Poignantly, one of the clearest answers is that they want to have happy families. Even in the most (6) ____________
a) loose b) relaxed c) generous d) liberal countries there was condemnation for divorce, demands that parents should keep their marriage (7) ____________
a) oaths b) vows c) pledges d) promises , and admiration for stable couples. It appears that among the middle classes, the quality of our children's lives has suffered from the (8) ____________
a) pressures b) weights c) burdens d) loads on parents in high-stress professions. In the days when the concept of 'quality time' first (9) ____________
a) proceeded b) revealed c) emerged d) rose , I remember seeing a TV producer on (10) ____________
a) site b) place c) situation d) location dial home on her mobile phone to read her son a (11) ____________
a) bedtime b) goodnight c) pyjama d) dream story. This is just not good enough. Quality time cannot be time- (12) ____________
a) organised b) managed c) controlled d) disciplined Children need unconditional time in the same (13) ____________
a) system b) respect c) way d) method that they need unconditional love. This study found a generation that had given up trying to (14) ____________
a) have b) make c) get d) take its parents' attention but was (15) ____________
a) determined b) firm c) persistent d) stubborn to do better for its own children.

Discuss how true these views are of young people that you know.

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