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Letter Correction



An English student wants to get a summer job working for the magazine "Would You Believe It?" For questions 1-13, complete the formal letter to the editor of the magazine, using the advice given in the informal letter from a friend who is a journalist for the same magazine. Use no more than two words for each gap. The words you need do not occur in the notes.


Dear Sally,

This is just to let you know what I've found out about possible summer jobs here at the magazine. Firstly, you ought to write a letter to the Editor (Susan Renshaw) explaining that you are looking for work over the university holiday period. It's probably a good idea to mention my name and mention that I said you should write to her. Tell her about your university course and also that you do the sports bit for the student newspaper.

Do explain that you're really interested in getting into this area after university and that this would give you a great chance to learn. Emphasise you can work almost any hours they want and that you don't mind doing any kind of job. Make sure you tell her how to get hold of you and suggest she gets in touch if there is anything else she needs to know. Really hope this helps and that it all works out!



Dear Ms. Renshaw,
I am writing to (0) ____________ whether you might have any (1) ____________ for temporary employment at Would You Believe It? magazine over the summer period? I'm actually writing at the (2) ____________ of Renzo Crace (an old family friend). I am currently doing a (3) ____________ in English at Manchester University and I also write a regular sports (4) ____________ for the student newspaper.

I should say that I am seriously (5) ____________ doing a course in (6) ____________ after my B.A. and I feel this would (7) ____________ me with some very valuable (8) ____________ I would be extremely (9) ____________ in terms of my hours of availability and I am quite (10) ____________ to take on any type of work that you might be able to offer.

I can be 11) ____________ at the above address for the next 4 weeks. Please (12) ____________ me know if you require any further (13) ____________

Yours sincerely,

Sally Braithwaite

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