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Vocabulary: expressions with make/get/ keep/gain/resolve

1 Put the words in the boxes in the appropriate columns to form expressions with each of the verbs.
  • Make a difference
  • Get into trouble
  • Keep a resolution
  • Do the washing up / the dishes
  • Cause an accident. (My fault)
Use make, get or keep with each expression.
  1. _________ a difference
  2. _________ into trouble
  3. _________ a resolution
  4. _________ a promise
  5. _________ a promotion
  6. _________ someone feel something
  7. _________ your word
  8. _________ even with someone
  9. _________ an impression
  10. _________ on at someone
Complete each of the following sentences with the expressions above in the correct form.

EXAMPLE: Have you resolved your doubts about whether to marry Mike yet?
  1. You _________ a very good _________ on my mother. She thinks you're great!
  2. She _________ a lot of useful _________ through working for her uncle and now she'd like to start up her own business.
  3. They _________ the _________ of where to send their son to school by letting him choose.
  4. His teacher told him he would _________ serious _________ if he continued to hang around with that group of boys.
  5. She _________ terribly guilty when she said how upset she was that I hadn't been in touch.
  6. She was so unhappy in her job that she _________ by the end of the year.
  7. I think we can _________ a definite _________ over the competition if we launch our new model in January.
  8. You can never believe Jim when he promises to do something. He just seems unable to _________
  9. I can't believe that Fiona humiliated me like that. I'll _________ with her if it's the last thing I do.
  10. I wish my boss wouldn't _________ me all the time to finish the report. It doesn't have to be done until the end of the month. He's managed to _________ to stop smoking for six weeks now.
  11. My sister has just _________ Now, she's head of her department.
  12. If he _________ of any more newspapers, he will have a virtual monopoly of the media.
  13. Passing her exams has _________ amazing _________ to her levels of self-confidence!
Use gain or resolve before each of these:
  1. _________ control
  2. _________ a problem
  3. _________ to leave
  4. _________ experience
  5. _________ a problem
  6. _________ your doubts
  7. _________ an advantage
Discuss these questions with other students.
  1. Have you ever made any 'New Year's resolutions'? If so, what were they? Did you manage to keep them?
  2. If your best friend made you promise to keep a secret, under what circumstances might you not keep your word?
  3. Describe a situation where someone made
    1. a very good first impression on you.
    2. a very bad first impression on you.
  4. Have you had a problem recently which you have now resolved? What was it? What did you decide?
  5. Did you ever get into trouble when you were younger? What kinds of things did you do?
  6. If you are feeling down, what kinds of things can you do to make yourself feel happier?
  7. Are there any areas of work where you would like to gain experience? What are they?

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