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Make Toasts - Gerund or infinitive?

Gerund or infinitive.

The gerund form of a verb ends in -ing
Grammar Focus
Image Which of the following sentences are grammatically possible? Correct those that aren't
  1. Did you remember to get the soap powder?
  2. You shouldn't expect passing your driving test on the first attempt.
  3. I started playing the piano when I was six.
  4. I wouldn't advise driving tonight.
  5. We don't allow to smoke anywhere in these buildings.
  6. Have you tried using nicotine patches to help you give up smoking?
  7. I regret to leave school when I was only 16.
  8. I'm not accustomed speaking in public.
  9. I stopped to run and sat down on a nearby bench.
  10. He denied to be anywhere near the scene of the crime.
  11. They admitted to take the money from their father's wallet.
  12. Would you mind to open the window a little?
  13. I like to go for a walk before breakfast.
  14. He suggested to go back when it was a little less crowded.
Image Complete the following sentences in a way that is true for you.
  1. As a child I generally wasn't allowed...
  2. I once tried ... but ...
  3. On Sunday mornings, I generally like to ...
  4. I'm not really accustomed to ...
  5. I generally avoid ...
  6. I must admit that I rather regret ...
Image Make a grammatically correct sentence using all the words given. You may add articles, prepositions and nouns. You may change the verb forms.
  1. bedroom leave window remember
  2. remember borrow
  3. evidence overwhelm
  4. can't buy put off
  5. search read find.
  6. call name.
  7. close eye / imagine / lying.
  8. sun set / appear / sky.
Bill Brown was arrested for stealing a car. Here are some of his answers to questions during his trial. Report what he said with the verbs given + an -ing form. (A-C) admit consider deny notice recall regret. "Yes, I was certainly in town around midnight... I saw two men looking into all the parked you mention it, I think I did hear a car being driven away...I didn't think about telling the police...I certainly didn't steal the car... I wish I hadn't gone out that night!" Example: He admitted being In town around midnight. Which of your sentences could be rewritten with having + past participle with little difference in meaning? (D)
If possible, rewrite these sentences using the possessive form of the object, as in 1. If it is not possible, write X.
  1. I disapproved of him smoking in the house. I disapproved of his smoking...
  2. We discovered the children hiding the chocolates under their beds.
  3. The plan envisages Tony becoming Director next year.
  4. If the authorities catch anyone breaking the rules, the punishment is severe.
  5. I could imagine the car failing its annual inspection.
  6. We objected to the company building a petrol station in our road.
  7. It amuses me to think of him sitting at a desk in a suit and tie.
  8. My mother disapproved of the cat sleeping in my bedroom.
Consider which verb form is more likely and why. (F)
  1. I heard the baby cry I crying for most of the night.
  2. I felt the snake bite I biting me and saw it slither off into the bushes.
  3. When you came out of the station, did you notice the children play I playing musical instruments across the street?
  4. I noticed her quickly slip I slipping the necklace inside her coat and leave the shop.
On special occasions, people often make toasts beginning -Here's to .... - .
Complete the
below with a suitable gerund / present participle or infinitive form.

1) Here's to .......

  1. an old friend - someone who remembers all the secrets of our youth, but is discreet enough
    (mention) them.
  2. babies - they make our days shorter, nights longer, the past forgotten and the future worth
    (live) for.
  3. happiness - the only thing which is increased by
  4. my husband - who buys football tickets six months in advance, but waits until Christmas Eve
    (buy) Christmas presents.
  5. my darling wife - since I met you I have known what it is to love someone, and what it means for that love
  6. my parents - for
    (spoil) me ever since I was a little baby. please feel free to continue.
  7. our second marriage - we are so fortunate
    (give) a second change at happiness.
  8. success - it takes time
    (be) a success, but time is all it takes.
  9. true love - which we find not
    (look for) a perfect person and
    (not/see) their faults.
  10. your retirement - and while you're sitting at home with nothing to do, think of us all at work - we're sure
    (do) the same.

Drill Examples

  1. It takes time to do that.
  2. It takes to become successful
  3. to be a success.

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