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Idiomatic Noun Phrases in English

Match the beginnings and endings of these noun phrases, then match each phrase to the meaning

1 Vocabulary: noun collocations (with "of")

Connect a noun from the left with one of these: Enter the letter for the noun.
  1. a grain of ____________
  2. pearls of ____________
  3. a load of ____________
  4. a slip of ____________
  5. a difference of ____________
  6. a heart of ____________
  7. a lapse of ____________
  8. a term of ____________
  9. the price of ____________
  10. (without) fear of ____________
  11. a question of ____________

2 - Do you know they mean ?

Finish each sentence to show that you understand the meaning.
  1. Be very kind. He has a ____________
  2. A small amount of truth. A grain of ____________
  3. The consequence of not succeeding. The price of ____________
  4. A slight disagreement. A difference of ____________
  5. When it is necessary to wait for something. It's a question of ____________
  6. Something you say when you mean to say something else. A slip of the ____________
  7. A way you address someone you love A term of ____________
  8. Sure that no one else will say you are wrong. Without fear of ____________
  9. A short time when someone is careless or forgetful. A lapse of ____________
  10. To say something is complete nonsense or stupid (spoken informal) A load of ____________
  11. Wise remarks (often used jokingly to mean slightly stupid remarks) . Pearls of ____________

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