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Reporting Verbs

1 Reporting verbs
In Grammar definitions, you will find a summary of basic reported speech. This most commonly involves using the verbs say, tell and ask, as well as changes of verb tenses, times, places and pronouns.
A native speaker of English, however, will often use reporting verbs other than just say, tell and ask.

Find the most appropriate word for the gap. Don't use say, tell, ask - find a better one!

  1. Mary finally ____________ why she had been late.
  2. He ____________ that he had stolen the car.
  3. They ____________ to come on time.
  4. She ____________ that I had already told her the answer.
  5. The teacher simply ____________ the class to do it.
  6. He ____________ to most of my questions.
  7. Monica ____________ to give us a lift to the station.
  8. The teacher ____________ that wine came from grapes.
  9. Cecilia ____________ that she couldn't help with the shopping because she had already arranged to meet Caroline.
  10. Our scoutmaster ____________ at the end of his speech that we mustn't forget to bring torches on the camping trip.
  11. "It was your fault."
    The cyclist ____________ the bus driver for causing the accident.
  12. "You caused it."
    The cyclist ____________ the bus driver of causing the accident.
  13. "Why don't we go to Italy?"
    I ____________ going to Italy for our holidays, but everyone else wanted to go to Portugal.
  14. "We're getting engaged."
    Christine and Harry ____________ at the party that they were getting engaged.
  15. "You should see a solicitor."
    The landlord of my neighbour's flat wanted to double the rent, so I ____________ her to see a solicitor.
  16. "OK."
    The union ____________ to call off the strike if safety measures were introduced.
Some reporting verbs:
advise - encourage - invite - remind - warn - agree - decide - offer - promise - refuse - threaten - admit - agree - decide - deny - explain - insist -promise - recommend - suggest - deny - recommend - suggest - accuse - blame - congratulate apologize -insist

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