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Common Verbs

Common verbs in English To be, To go
  1. have
    1. Last week I had a day off
    2. I sometimes have days off.
    3. I will have a day off next month.
  2. do
    1. I did it last Monday.
    2. I always do my homework
    3. I will do it tomorrow morning.
  3. say
    1. What did you say?
    2. You always say that.
    3. What will you say to him?
  4. get 得到
    1. I got it. I got bored in class yesterday.
    2. I never get bad marks in class
    3. I will get up early tomorrow morning.
  5. make 使
    1. Last week I made a cake.
    2. I rarely make cakes.
    3. I'm sure that I will make a mistake soon.
  6. know 知道
    1. I knew that.
    2. I usually know how to do it.
    3. I will know how to do it.
  7. take
    1. I took a long time to get here.
    2. I usually take a shower every day.
    3. I will take my friend with me tomorrow.
  8. see
    1. I saw that!
    2. I often see him.
    3. (I will) see you soon.
  9. come
    1. We came here last week.
    2. I come here every day.
    3. I will come here again tomorrow.
  10. think
    1. I thought so.
    2. I think we should leave now
    3. I will think about it.
  11. look
    1. I looked into the mirrow.
    2. Look left, then right, then left again.
    3. I will look at it on Wednesday morning.
  12. want
    1. I wanted one last Christmas.
    2. I want to go now.
    3. You won't want to carry too much.
  13. give
    1. He gave me a ticket.
    2. I give money to charity
    3. I will give him his book back.
  14. use 使用
    1. I used it to keep warm.
    2. I often use paper to write on
    3. I will use a brush to clean the floor
  15. find 发现
    1. He found it in his desk.
    2. I sometimes find books left on the table
    3. I will find another book for tomorrow's lesson
  16. tell 告诉
    1. He told me what to do next.
    2. He always tells me what to do.
    3. He will tell the teacher when she comes back.
  17. ask
    1. We asked her where she lives.

      "Where do you live?"

    2. I like to ask questions.
    3. I will ask my mother about that.
  18. work 工作
    1. I worked all day yesterday.
    2. I usually work hard.
    3. I will work here next week.
  19. seem 似乎
    1. It seemed a good idea at the time.
    2. They seem to be taking a long time to decide
    3. *******
  20. feel 感觉
    1. I felt terrible about it.
    2. I feel good.
    3. When will he feel better?
  21. try 尝试
    1. I tried but didn't succeed.
    2. I always try hard to succeed.
    3. I will try harder tomorrow.
  22. leave 离开
    1. I left before midnight.
    2. I always leave on time.
    3. I will leave later tomorrow.
  23. call 通话
    1. I called you yesterday.
    2. I always call you on Wednesdays.
    3. I will call you tomorrow.

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