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Read about animals

Listen to Leon reading about animals. Click on some highlighted words to read in the dictionary. 听莱昂阅读关于动物。 点击一些高亮度单词读字典中。


Find the missing prepositions, then listen to check.

Sheep are covered ___ in thick soft wool. We can use this wool to make clothes. When we cut wool off a sheep to make clothes the sheep is shorn! Some cheese is made from sheep's milk.


Keeping Sheep

Sheep are kept ___ in large fields. They eat the fresh, green grass. During cold weather farmers feed their sheep ___ on grain and hay.


Young Lambs

Lambs are born in ___ spring. They stay close ___ to their mothers and like to run around playing.

Mother, Father and Baby

Male sheep are called rams. Most rams have long curved horns. Baby sheep are called Lambs and female sheep are ewes.

Do you know the names of other baby animals?




Cows often live ___ on farms. They make milk, cream, butter and cheese for us. The adult male cow is called a bull and a young cow is a calf. Some cows work on ___ farms by pulling ploughs and carts . Cows can be different colours such as white, black, brown or tan. They have long tails which they use to keep flies off themselves. Some cows have horns , others do not. They spend most of ___ their time eating grass.



Chickens are bred for their eggs and meat. Birds that are kept for eggs are called poultry. Some birds are kept for meat or eggs. These birds are called fowl. So chickens are poultry and fowl.

Eggs can be kept for quite a long time without going bad. Chickens eat grain and anything they can kind when they are foraging around on ___ the ground. They can scratch and peck the grass so much that eventually all the plants will disappear.



Horses gallop, trot and canter. Saddled horses have helped carry explorers around ___ the world. Horses were used on ___ farms to pull ploughs and carts. These days this work is done by ___ machines such as tracktors and horses are ridden for sport and pleasure.
Horses are wild animals that need to be gently trained before they can be transformed from wild bucking broncos and ridden.
Some horses such as the miniature Shetland ponies are quite small and others are very big and strong. Horse


pigs have a snout for a nose, small eyes, and a small tail, which may be curly, kinked, or straight. It has a thick body, short legs, and coarse hair. There are four trotters on each foot, with the two large middle ones used for .

pigs are omnivores , which means that they will eat almost anything. They will scavenge and have been known to eat all sorts of things, such as dead insects, worms, tree bark, rotting carcasses, household rubbish, and even other pigs. usually in ___ the wild, they eat leaves, grasses, roots, fruits and flowers.


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