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Five Verbs

  1. Jump
  2. hit
  3. throw
  4. catch
  5. fall

Sentences using the present simple verb form

1) Make sentences by choosing words from each box, left to right.


I often jump on the bed  
I can fall a ball  
I will hit high  
Sometimes I  catch off the bed  
  throw my brother  
    a cold  
    a stick  


2) Make ten sentences using the irregular verb forms. 

Yesterday  I (run) fast
Last week I (hit) off his bed
An hour ago my brother (throw) a ball
Just now a man (jump) a drum
The day before yesterday   (fall) off his chair
      to the shops
      a party



  1. Yesterday I fell off my chair
  2. I often throw balls in the park
  3. I will jump high.
  4. A minute ago my father caught the ball with one hand, then threw it very high into the air.
  5. I hit the ball with my bat and then my brother ran after it but fell over on the grass. 
  6. I can throw and catch three balls

Put these words into a sentence.

  1. last chair night I off my fell

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