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The Elephant Song

Play sound Stop the sound Elephants. I like elephants.
I like how they swing through trees.
No... elephants don't swing through trees... They don't... What Am I thinking then... Monkeys.

Monkeys. I like monkeys.
I like how they swim in the ocean...
No, that's fish. Oh I see.

Fish, I like fish.
I like how they scratch at flees and sniff at trees and bark at the mail man. No... No... Those are dogs. Ahhhh..

Gotta, I like dogs.
Curl upon the window sill purring, and chasing mice. No... What the... Cats.

Cats, I like cats.
I like how they say cock-a-doodle-doo! No... No... They go miaow. They do. Your thinking of roosters. Ohhhh..
/p p class=children Roosters, I like roosters.
I like how they reaching to behives for the honey. O-oh. Bears do that. Yes, yes, yes...

Bears, I like bears.
I like how they jump up high to catch a fly and sit on the lily pad. No, no, no.... Frogs.

Gotta, like frogs.
Running through a maze for some cheese. No.... Thats mice.

Mice, I like mice.
I like how they say hee-haw(3x). No. They go squeek squeek. Thats a donkey.

Donkeys, I like donkeys.
I like how they stomp through the jungle with their big grey trunks.
No, that's an elephant. hmmm. Right, like I said. Elephants, I like elephants.

(You don't know anything about animals.)
(I do so.)
(You are silly)

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