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The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch

Lighthouse keeper's lunch
Poor Mr Grinling... he looks forward to his delicious lunch every day. Unfortunately though, he soon finds that some greedy seagulls also take a liking to his wife’s home cooking!
A plan needs to be hatched. Soon Mrs Grinling comes up with a deviously cunning idea. Read on .....

audio Once there was a lighthouse keeper called Mr. Grinling. At night time he lived in a small white cottage perched high on the cliffs. In the day time he rowed out to his lighthouse to clean and polish the light.
audio Mr Ginling was a most industrious lighthouse keeper. Come rain or shine he tended his light.
audio Sometimes at night, as Mr Grinling lay sleeping in his _________ bed, the ships would toot to tell him that his light was shining _________ and clearly out to sea.
audio Each morning while Mr Grinling polished the light Mrs Grinling worked in the kitchen of the little white cottage on the cliffs concocting a delicious lunch for him.
audio Once she had prepared the lunch she packed it into a special basket and clipped it onto the wire that ran from the little white cottage to the lighthouse on the rocks.
audio But one morning something terrible happened. Mrs Grinling had prepared a particularly appetising lunch. She had made...
  1. A mixed seafood salad.
  2. A lighthouse sandwich.
  3. Cold chicken garni.
  4. Sausages and crisps
  5. peach surprise
  6. Iced sea bisquits
  7. Drinks and assorted fruit.
audio She put the lunch in the basket as usual and sent it down the wire.
But the lunch did not arrive .....

The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch Questions

  1. To Row
    1. who can row?
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    2. What equipment is often used to row a boat? oars
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  2. perch twig
    1. What is the difference between a cliff and a mountain?
      Login for this exercise _________
    2. Where do we usually find cliffs?
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    3. erosion
  3. to tend
    1. What phrasal verb means 'to tend' ?
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    2. look after / take care of
  4. deck?
    1. Where is the deck on a ship?
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      All hands on deck
  5. concocting :) to make something, usually food, by adding several different parts together, often in a way that is original or not planned He concocted the most amazing dish from all sorts of unlikely ingredients.
    to invent an excuse, explanation or story in order to deceive someone He concocted a story about working late at the office.
  6. excuse VERB ZZZ excuse me - a reason that you give to explain why you did something wrong He'd better have a good excuse for being late. I've never known him to miss a meeting - I'm sure he'll have an excuse. There's no excuse for that sort of behaviour.
  7. produce estimate -ATE please give me an estimate I want no excuses for this. I will excuse you for that bad behaviour Verb excuse ZZZZ noun excuse SSS What is a scavenger ? pARASITE - an animal or plant that lives on or in another animal or plant of a different type and feeds from it The older drugs didn't deal effectively with the malaria parasite.
  8. disapproving a person who is lazy and lives by other people working, giving them money, etc
  9. A hawk is a bird of prey and not a scavenger.
  10. I saw some tramps scavenging around the bins at the back of the baker's shop
  11. Scavengers are not fussy about what they eat. Beggers can't be chosers
  12. jackals are Scavengers
  13. Which other animals are scavengers
  14. Scrumptious - 'very delicious' very scrumptious ((n))
  15. How can you baffle a seagull? a) With a gun b) with a napkin
  16. confuse - Have you ever had to rack your brains for an idea?
    accomplished ADJ adjective or verb (past) I have not accomplished much today. Another word for ingenious , is ______ ? consolingly (ADVERB) A sentence with the verb 'to console' How many parts of a cat can you name? whiskers, fur, paws , claws, tail, head, legs, back, What is the difference between droop and flop? A wilting flower droops in the hot sun. This dog has droopy ears I had no energy left so I flopped into my seat flip flops ? If you take pity on someone.... a) they are sad b) You feel sorry for them c) You help them It's a pity that .... a feeling of sympathy and understanding for someone else's unhappiness or difficult situation The girl stood gazing in/with pity at the old lion in the cage. We took pity on (= felt sorry for and therefore helped) a couple of people waiting in the rain for a bus and gave them a lift. See also: self-pity
  17. If something is described as a pity, it is disappointing or not satisfactory "Can't you go to the party? Oh, that's (such) a pity." [+ (that)] pity (that) you didn't remember to give me the message. [+ that] The pity was that so few people bothered to come. We'll have to leave early, more's the pity (= and I am unhappy about it). "What a pity you're ill!" shame / pity It's a great pity / it's a great shame It's a shame - (pity) perhaps we don't really feel shame so much as dissappointment What is a chuckle? What might make us chuckle? Which of these words is the odd one out?
    1. Laugh
    2. giggle
    3. chuckle
    4. smurk
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