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Mark and the Kitten

There was a bit of a surprise waiting for Mark when he came home from school. His father had bought him a little kitten. Mark would spend the time left over after doing his homework playing with his cute little kitten. One night, when he was in bed, he was surprised to see the kitten leave the bedroom and find the milk dish in the pitch-dark living room.
"How did you find your milk dish so easily in this darkness?" Mark asked, astonished.
We don't need a lot of light to see, Mark," the kitten purred. "Our eyes have been made different from those of humans. The pupils of our eyes grow very big so that they can take in as much light in the dark as possible. And we cats have a layer in our eyes that humans don't have; it is right behind the retina and reflects light back. So, light passes through our retinas twice. That is why we can see so well in the dark and also why our eyes are so shiny. Mark thought for a moment: "We human beings know that even if you fall from a high place you always land on your four feet. How do you manage that?" "You're right," said the kitten. "We cats love to climb around in high trees. When we fall, we use our tail for balance, change the center of gravity of our body and land on our feet.
Mark gently picked the little kitten up and put it on his lap. The kitten showed that it loved Mark by purring whenever he stroked its fur.


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