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A Typical Policeman

is a policeman's work interesting or could it be boring? the work of some detectives seems to be full of interest and mystery, but what of ordinary policemen who walking the beat? perhaps their work is not so interesting, although it must be more interesting to walk the beat than to sit for hours in a car waiting for something to happen. we often see police chiefs on the movies making threats to their officers, saying that if they don't tow the line they could find themselves back on the beat, instead of enjoying their work on a criminal investigation. sometimes, they are threatened with traffic work or other mundane police work.

the police often have an underserved reputation of being of less than average intelligence! they can find themselves the butt of jokes such as: "what has an iq of 100?" "answer: one-hundred policeman." the truth is that the police force is a career offering a vaste range of work from mundane office work to much more interesting criminal investigation work.

there are plain-clothed policemen and uniformed policemen. plain clothes policeman are usually of a higher rank and enjoy the more interesting aspect of police work, such as criminal investigations. if they break the rules they can find themselves back in uniform.

policeman song - gilbert and sullivan opera

When a felon's not engaged in his emploYment (his employment)
or maturing his felonious little plans (little plans)
His capacitY for innocent enjoYment (-cent enjoyment)
Is just as great as anY honest man's (honest mans)

Our feelings we with difficultY smother (-culty smother)
when constabularY dutY's to be done (to be done)
ah, take one consideration with another (with another)
a policeman's lot is not a happY one

When constabularY dutY's to be done, to be done,
a policeman's lot is not a happY one.

When the enterprising burglars not a'burgling (not a'burgling)
When the cut throat isn't occupied in crime (-pied in crime)
He loves to hear the little brook a'gurgling (brook a'gurgling)
and listen to the merrY village chime (village chime)

When the coster's finished jumping on his mother (on his mother)
He loves to lie a'basking in the sun (in the sun)
Ah, take one consideration with another (with another)
A policeman's lot is not a happY one

When constabularY dutY's to be done, to be done,
A policeman's lot is not a happY one (happy one).


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