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For this course you need to download the messenger program. Search for for leonwool and kikishi and add them as your teachers. Download the messenger WIRE MESSENGER

Chapter 1 Introduction

This course is back! Subscribe and see the new content appearing regularly. There are four skills: Reading and listening are the two non-productive or passive skills, whilst speaking and writing are the corresponding productive skills. The course has been designed so that you can pick and choose exercises without regard to order. Ideally, you should spend some time each day on each of the skills. Be sure to check your grades regularly.

Chapter 2 Speaking English

What is the best way to improve your level of speaking? In this section you can find questionaire worksheet to prepare an interview. See the introduction

Chapter 5 Speaking Practice Activities

Some common speaking activities to practice regularly. Preparing topics for just a minute and preparing vocabulary for taboo will give you the chance to add some extra spice to your speach. Impromptu practice will develop your fluency and speed of thought. Try a mixture of both

Chapter 20 Word Card Appendix

Play describe and guess with these word card sheets....
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