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Article practice - (E)

Complete the gaps with 'a', 'an', 'the' or 'X' (no article)

The Definite and Indefinite Article

Put in the definite or indefinite article where necessary.

  1. She is very good at drawing _________ animals.
  2. _________ animal whose neck is very long is called _________ giraffe.
  3. If you play _________ ball with us, we'll play _________ ball with you.
  4. We should prefer to go by _________ car.
  5. She was taken away by _________ ambulance.
  6. Strong young _________ girls do not easily faint.
  7. The boat was rowed by _________ boy who jumped into the water crying that he was going to save me.
  8. In some states of the U.S.A. _________ boys and _________ girls are allowed to drive a car at the age of sixteen.
  9. Who is _________ boy (who is) standing near the window?
  10. He congratulated him before all _________ employees.
  11. This is _________ book I have been speaking of all the time.
  12. When I was _________ child, I used to read out of of fairy tales I had been given for my birthday.
  13. She was _________ daughter of _________ leading New England Presbyterian minister and _________ wife of _________ professor of theology.
  14. Among them there was _________ mother with her two children.
  15. Surely _________ mother can be trusted to look after her own child.
  16. When focused to a sharp point at very close range, the laser can vapourise any substance on _________ earth.
  17. For a long time the Chinese have been, as they are now, among the poorest on _________ earth.
  18. The computer is just as valuable as _________ man using it.
  19. _________ man must eat to live.
  20. If _________ men were more reasonable, there would be no more war.
  21. Were I only given _________ chance!
  22. Is there _________ chance that machines may learn more than _________ man?
  23. People who like to be more fully informed get their bulletin-type news from television and _________ radio, and their in depth news from newspapers.
  24. His body felt leaden and slow, as if he were trying to raise himself out of deep _________ water.
  25. _________ computer doesn't compare with _________ human brain in handling data that hasn't yet jelled.
  26. I was at a loss for _________ answer.

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