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Article practice - (F)

Complete the gaps with 'a', 'an', 'the' or 'X' (no article)

Add an article or pronoun to the following names where necessary.

  1. I will tell ____________ Mr Robinson that you are here.
  2. The woman we visited was my ____________ aunt Martha.
  3. Peter lived in London, and he was visiting ____________ aunt in New York for a few months.
  4. ____________ ..... Tom came home from school the other day, and his mother asked him: Are you getting on well at school, ____________ Tom?
  5. Soon after Christmas ____________ Robinson went to Aspen, Colorado.
  6. ____________ little Bob couldn't remember the names very well.
  7. Of course ____________ young Simon and his friends often went into the city.
  8. Mrs Burton wrote a postcard to ____________ Harrison family.
  9. Wasn't there ____________ Ben Cunningham in Simon's address book?
  10. If ____________ Johnson had lived, he would certainly have changed his will.
  11. The letter to ____________ Atkinson began as a polite greeting and a thank-you for the bon voyage basket and the comfortable accommodation.
  12. The children can, however, be very naughty, especially when they are at Aunt Jenny's.
  13. Whom would you call ____________ father of railroading?
  14. When are you going to let ____________ Susan know? Not until you're picked up.
  15. My dear ......Caroline, what are you talking about?
  16. On his passage through the outer office he observed, from the corner of his eyes, that ....Cliff had already returned.
  17. ____________ Burtons were wealthy people, and ____________ Samantha led a sheltered life.
  18. If ____________ House of Lords should reject a bill which has been passed by ____________ Commons, the bill can go no further for a few months.
  19. The village ladies had long expected that ____________ Robinson would marry his housekeeper, ____________ Miss Adams, and perhaps he would not have escaped if ____________ Stevens had not come to live here a year ago.
  20. Those who do the will of ____________ Father are brethren of ____________ Jesus Christ.

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