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Article practice - (H)

Complete the gaps with 'a', 'an', 'the' or 'X' (no article)

Add the definite or indefinite article to the following geographical expressions where necessary.

  1. Bob boarded the bus for ____________ Athens.
  2. In 1984 the Olympic Games returned to ____________ city of LA.
  3. ____________ Australia is a federation of six states with a Federal Parliament and a Parliament for each of the states.
  4. The legislative power in ____________ Great Britain resides in the House of Commons.
  5. Every year thousands of visitors from ____________ Continent come to ____________ England by boat from ____________ Ostend or ____________ Calais.
  6. Because ____________ England is old, ____________ Englishman lays great store on tradition.
  7. I am ____________ Englishman, said I and I wish to help you.
  8. The Everglades National Park near Miami in ____________ South Florida is a vast swampy area more than 100 kilometres from ____________ north to ____________ south and from ____________ east to ____________ west.
  9. Some 50 years after Cook landed in ____________ Botany Bay, free settlers began to arrive in larger numbers from ____________ Britain.
  10. Sir Edmund Hillary was the first conqueror of ____________ Mount Everest.
  11. ____________ Matterhorn was first scaled in 1865.
  12. We shall need an oxygen apparatus, such as the climbers in ____________ Himalayas have.
  13. Founded by William the Conqueror, Windsor Castle stand on ____________ Thames, 22 miles west of ____________ London.
  14. We had about a dozen sick people on board when we crossed ____________ Channel.
  15. It was in the nineteenth century that ____________ Australia, ____________ New Zealand, ____________ South Africa, and in part of ____________ Canada, received their English-speaking populations.
  16. More than 2,000,000 migrants have arrived since the war, the largest groups coming from ____________ United Kingdom and ____________ ____________ Ireland, from ____________ Italy, ____________ Greece, ____________ Germany and ____________ Netherlands.
  17. From ____________ Boston to ____________ Los Angeles is as far as from ____________ France to ____________ Central Asia, and from east to ____________ west there are five time zones.
  18. All but a few years of my life have been spent in and around ____________ New York City, but I cannot claim an intense feeling of identification with the city.
  19. The Royal Opera House at Covent Garden, in central ____________ London, is leased by the government to the Covent Garden Opera House Trust, which receives a government grant.
  20. Far below us now we can see ____________ London with the silver ribbon of ____________ Thames running through it.
  21. The plains run from ____________ Gulf of Mexico in ____________ south up to the Canadian border and beyond an endless open space comparable with ____________ Siberia.
  22. Tourism often leads to unrestrained development, well illustrated in the case of ____________ Côte d'Azur.
  23. Huge national parks have been created in ____________ Rocky Mountains to preserve the beauty of the landscape and to protect wild life.
  24. People who wanted to get from ____________ East to ____________ West could go by three routes, all long and dangerous: round ____________ Cape Horn, across ____________ Isthmus of Panama, overland by wagon.
  25. I have never been taken for ____________ Englishman before, though I was once spoken to as if I were ____________ American.
  26. Up to the outbreak of the 1914-18 war, ____________ Europe was largely ruled by hereditary monarchies.
  27. ____________ Australia ranks second only to ____________ Argentina as an exporter of beef and veal.
  28. ____________ London will continue to be a world centre of finance.
  29. The Celts were a group of related tribes, linked by language, religion and culture that gave rise to the first civilization north of ____________ Alps.
  30. ____________ Chicago, sprawling in boisterous disorder along the south-western shore of ____________ Lake Michigan, is the central terminal of ____________ United States.
  31. Thus growing trade between ____________ East and ____________ West was accompanied by an increase in trading at home.
  32. ____________ Chicago is an industrial and commercial city, dominating the five industrial mid-western states ____________ east of ____________ Mississippi.

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