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Article practice - (I)

Complete the gaps with 'a', 'an', 'the' or 'X' (no article)

Add the definite or indefinite article to the following names of streets, places, bridges, building where necessary.

  1. ____________ Regent Street runs from ____________ Piccadilly Circus to ____________ Oxford Street.
  2. ____________ Mall and ____________ Strand are two famous London streets.
  3. Linda was standing at the corner of ____________ Broadway.
  4. ____________ St James's Park is near ____________ Buckingham Palace.
  5. Harold marched north and defeated the Norsemen in a great battle near ____________ Stamford Bridge.
  6. ____________ Tower of London used to be a state prison.
  7. William the Conqueror was crowned King of England in ____________ Westminster Abbey.
  8. ____________ church is a place where people can meet other with whom they would like to make friends.
  9. In the morning a lot of people go to
  10. ____________ hospital is opposite the museum.
  11. Her weak point is not listening in ____________ class.
  12. She taught ____________ class in spite of feeling ill.
  13. We asked a solicitor for advice before going to ____________ court.
  14. As a result he was sent to ____________ jail as a horse thief.
  15. When I was at ____________ university I had a boy friend.
  16. However, by six o'clock ____________ school is empty and the caretaker and the cleaner can finish their work in peace.
  17. I shall see you at ____________ office tomorrow.
  18. I won't be able to go to ____________ theatre tomorrow.
  19. ____________ Parliament in London makes laws for all the countries in the U.K.
  20. Even today it is ____________ Parliament, rather than the Queen which governs England and makes the laws.
  21. Side streets to the right of ____________ Fifth Avenue are called 41st ____________ East Street etc. while streets to the left are called 41st ____________ West Street etc.
  22. If I were in ____________ Parliament I would spend enough money on hospitals.
  23. ____________ St Paul's Cathedral is the second largest Christian church, second only to ____________ St Peter's in Rome.
  24. The separation of ____________ church and state is a cardinal American principle.
  25. The Queen is also Head of ____________ Church of England to which, at least nominally, the vast majority of Englishmen belong.
  26. ____________ court is presided over by a judge, but the decision on guilt or innocent is made by a jury of twelve citizens chosen by lot from the list of persons entitled to vote in elections.
  27. The chief building in Washington is ____________ Capitol, the meeting-place of the American parliament, known as Congress.
  28. ____________ Congress decided that a new star should be added every time when a new state joined the Union.
  29. The National Health Service provides free medical treatment both in ____________ hospital and outside.
  30. The dormitories and houses are important assets to ____________ college.
  31. Nothing but an old woman airing her dog, and a weaving old man coming around the corner from ____________ Third Avenue.
  32. As she rounded the corner of ____________ Atlanta Hotel and came in full view the depot and the tracks, she halted, horrified.
  33. The family doctor gives treatment or prescribes medicine, or, if necessary, arranges for the patient to go to ____________ hospital or to be seen at home by a specialist.
  34. When Harry was arrested and jailed in Doge City, a mob gathered, broke into ____________ jail, removed him, and hanged him from a telegraph pole.
  35. At ____________ office he is the boss, but at home he plays second fiddle.
  36. ____________ school has been added to several times.

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