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Article practice - (J)

Complete the gaps with 'a', 'an', 'the' or 'X' (no article)

Add the definite or indefinite article to the following names of months, week-days, holidays where necessary.

  1. We are going to Italy next ____________ summer
  2. Ken wants to know how often Susan and John went to Cornwall last ____________ summer.
  3. ____________ summer of 1987 was very hot.
  4. Thousands of holiday-makers visit the Highlands in ____________ summer, hoping for good luck with the weather.
  5. Scotland is not particularly cold, and the west is in ____________ winter one of the mildest parts of Britain.
  6. He's not coming back all ____________ winter?
  7. Mrs Taft lives in Florida during ____________ winter.
  8. The tramp who came on ____________ April 1st was a friendly man.
  9. No more school till ____________ Monday morning.
  10. What's he going to do about ____________ Christmas?
  11. He'll stay all ____________ night.
  12. He remembered having seen the man ____________ evening before.
  13. He as been writing all ____________ morning.
  14. Tomorrow the wind will change during ____________ morning, and there will be rain in ____________ afternoon.
  15. Hurricanes afflict the south-east particularly during ____________ autumn.
  16. In ____________ autumn of 1621 the settlers celebrated their first year in America with a Thanksgiving Day.
  17. Tennis in ____________ summer, skiing in ____________ winter will keep you lithe.
  18. The last time Adam was seen by anybody is ____________ February fifteenth, when he got off the boat in Calais, coming from Dover.
  19. The only one of his friends he felt like telling about his European trip was Susan, and he went to see her on ____________ Thursday before he sailed.
  20. I don't think there'll be any trouble about having ____________ Christmas Day off.
  21. I saw he had possibly slept all ____________ night in the chilly room he didn't know.
  22. On ____________ evening of her coronation day, June 2, 1953, Queen Elizabeth II made her first broadcast for her people.
  23. The plane stops twice during ____________ night to refuel and to pick up more passengers, and at six o'clock ____________ next morning we are circling over a great port, ready to land
  24. The Highland tradition is seen at its colourful best in the clan gathering which take place throughout ____________ summer and ____________ autumn in Scotland.
  25. The house was well built and usually so oriented to the sun that he could keep it reasonably cool in ____________ summer and make it reasonably warm in ____________ winter.
  26. Her fury at his apparently having been with Simon all ____________ winter was water under the bridge.
  27. ____________ April can't be trusted.
  28. In the dim, grey light of early ____________ morning he woke up with a strange feeling.

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