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Article practice - (K)

Complete the gaps with 'a', 'an', 'the' or 'X' (no article)

Add the definite article or the corresponding possessive pronoun to the following articles of clothing or parts of the body.

  1. Look me in ____________ eyes.
  2. Caroline pushed past me and put ____________ arm round the girl.
  3. He crossed the road by the zebra-crossing and caught her by ____________ arm.
  4. Take her by ____________ hand.
  5. I rose to ____________ feet, bowed and left the room.
  6. Don't pick stamps up with ____________ fingers.
  7. Try to pull ____________ right leg out.
  8. He was struck on ____________ head from behind.
  9. Little children can't put on ____________ shoes. So their parents must help them.
  10. She looked him straight in ____________ face, then walked quickly on as though she had not seen him.
  11. Bob swung with his fist at Philip and caught him on ____________ ear.
  12. Struck in ____________ eye by a Norman arrow, King Harold lay dead on the battlefield.
  13. Britain is a parliamentary democracy with the Queen at ____________ head.
  14. He took ____________ shoes off so he could put ____________ feet up on the sofa, lay back on a pillow, and continued reading Steven's letter.
  15. He ran ____________ eye over the text.
  16. She refuses to listen when I say that Mr Stevens died of a disease of ____________ stomach, made worse by the habit of overdrinking strong spirits.
  17. She shrank back, clapping ____________ hand to ____________ mouth, feeling that she was going to be sick.
  18. He was sweating so heavily, he took off ____________ jacket so as not to soil it.
  19. He pushed open the door, and a hideous cheesy smell of sour beer hit him ____________ face.
  20. They have winter staring them in ____________ face.

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