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Collocation Forms

Main forms of collocation

  1. Verb + noun throw a party / accept responsibility
  2. Adjective + noun square meal / grim determination
  3. Verb + adjective + noun take vigorous exercise / make steady progress
  4. Adverb + verb strongly suggest / barely see
  5. Adverb + adjective utterly amazed / completely useless
  6. Adverb + adjective + noun totally unacceptable behaviour
  7. Adjective + preposition guilty of / blamed for / happy about
  8. Noun + nounpay packet / window frame

Ways to study and practice collocations:

  1. Text analysis Click to remove some parts of the collocations. predict the missing words.
  2. Collect nouns a) collocate with verbs, adjectives. b) then adverbs with the verbs
  3. Spot the odd verb
    1. acknowledge, feel, express, make, hide, overcome, admit shame
    2. apply for, catch, create, get, hold, hunt for, lose, take up job
    3. acquire, brush up, enrich, learn, pick up, tell, use language
    4. assess, cause, mend, repair, suffer, sustain, take damage
    5. beg, answer, kneel in, offer, say, utter prayer
    6. brush, cap, drill, fill, gnash, grit, wash teeth
    7. derive, enhance, find, give, pursue, reach, savour, pleasure
    8. disturb, interrupt, maintain, observe, pierce, reduce to, suffer silence
  4. Find a word that goes with all these words
    1. fried, poached, fresh, raw, frozen, grilled, smoked ____________
    2. summer, warm, winter, tatty, shabby, trendy, second-hand ____________
    3. dangerous, desperate, common, born, hardened, master ____________
    4. massive, huge, crowded, packed, outdoor, indoor, sports ____________

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