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Sentence Mixer

Play the game. Give your partner a correct sentence with all the words in a jumbled order. Can you re-construct a good sentence? Click on one of the exercise examples and send your partner a text message with the scrambled version of the sentence. Can your partner re-create the original sentence? Sometimes it is possible to create another correct sentence by changing the word order.
1 Type in your example sentence here or copy a sentence from the list on the right then click Shuffle.

Mixed sentence.
Correct sentence.

Mixed Sentence Examples

2 You can use these examples, click for a random sentence or take good sentences from any reliable source
  1. Question forms
    1. How old are you?
  2. Statements
    1. I can't believe it isn't butter.
    2. Forty-six people turned up to the meeting
    3. I can't believe it isn't butter.
    4. The match was won by the better team.
    5. He could not get over the fact that his sister had won a gold medal at the Olympics.
    6. The teacher was appalled to hear the foul language the students were using in the classroom
  3. Imperatives
    1. Tell me a story.
  4. Conditionals
    1. If I were you, I'd learn to speak English.
  5. Random mixture
    1. what beautiful happened lady that to young ?
    2. us? waiting has How she been for long
    3. far station? gas is the to nearest How it
    4. to you Why our come meeting? didn't
    5. guests tonight? know will how Do come you many
    6. Japanese vase green much does How cost? that
    7. smoke I in May this room?
    8. give me Can you ride? a
    9. we Should coffee break take before ? a do it we
    10. he here be will When again?
    11. She school by always goes bus. to
    12. cat The garden. playing in the is
    13. have him before. met We
    14. morning? Did see yesterday you Fisher Mr
    15. late. never He is
    16. ran of quickly room. boy out The the
    17. Rome flying on are They to Tuesday.
    18. ever been Have to Canada? you
    19. watched last weekend. We film the
    20. Rita speaks English fluently.

More Word Order Problems

Put the two objects in brackets into the correct order.

  1. Your mother sent (you, some nosedrops).
  2. A policeman gave (a form, him).
  3. Jack handed (her, the flag) without saying a word.
  4. Alice handed (the sugar, her sister).
  5. Robert brought (a shell, him).
  6. The officer handed (him, the passport) with a litte bow and a smile.
  7. The money gave (the leisure, him) to see
  8. The woman gave (him, a long, smiling answer) in Italian and pointed
    downward  toward the see.
  9. A clerk told (the number of his reserved room, him) and handed 
    (a bellboy, the key).
  10. The Queen gave (him, the higher honour) of Knight of the Garter.
  11. When the assistant handed (the sheet, him) he read it through twice, sat for some minutes in heavy fretful thought, then slowly raised his eyes to 
    the assistant.
  12. A relation left (me, some money) a year ago, but unluckily I lost it in some foolish plan to make more.
  13. Simon showed (some ship models; me) that were sitting on a table in his room.
  14. People ask (all kinds of things, me).
  15. May God grant (these blessings, us)

Put the two objects in brackets into the correct order and insert to wherever needed.

  1. When you've chosen a book, bring (me, it) and I'll stamp it, said the librarian.
  2. Sam gave (some milk, the cat).
  3. Mrs Adams wrote (the Maxwell family, a postcard)
  4. He bent down, cut a large marrow and offered (it, me).
  5. Richard muttered (himself, the name) and then shouted it to Philip.
  6. Mary had promised (me, her photo). Hasn't she promised (it, your brother) ?
    No, she has promised (me, it).
  7. Don't do (me, it).
  8. She didn't understand until I explained (her, it)
  9. All committees give (seats, the parties) in proportion to their strength in the House 
    or Senate, as the case may be.
  10. Tom handed (him, it).
  11. The Government gives (money, the universities) to cover the costs of building 
    and to cover almost the whole of their current expenditure.
  12. Give (me, it).
  13. Leave (me, it).
  14. Simon hadn't had the guts to stand up and deny (it, her)
  15. He used to say (me, it) when I was a little girl.
  16. I took the sketch from my pocket and showed (it, him).

Put the verbs before the subjects and rewrite the following sentences.

  1. My mother is there, he called out.
  2. Gentlemen, barons, earls, knights of the Garter, all richly dressed and bareheaded, went first.
  3. The Queen came next, in the 65th year of her age, very majestic.
  4. The day came then when Sitting bull, the chief of the Kickapoos, lay in his wigwam dying.
  5. The keynote speech comes then.
  6. Commercial interests were involved there.
  7. People were sitting all over the stone-flagged floor there.

Question Tags

Fill in the correct question tag.

  1. He doesn't like  me, ..........?
  2. He never showed any liking for that place, ........?
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