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Ex. 35.2

Paste the appropriate extra information (a—e) to the passive sentences (1-5). This is an og image
  1. The news was leaked to the press by the minister
    Login please   ____________   X
  2. The minister was attacked by protesters,
    Login please   ____________   X
  3. I remember being sent a letter by a man in America
    Login please   ____________   X
  4. The winning goal was scored by Fausto Ferrini
    Login please   ____________   X
  5. A man was run over by a car,
    Login please   ____________   X
  1. in his first appearance for the club.
  2. who had waited outside the building all day to voice their opposition to the policies.
  3. in a deliberate attempt to boost his popularity
  4. who complained my article was prejudiced against his country.
  5. which witnesses said was being driven at very high speed.

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