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get a word in edgeways

To find it impossible to take part in a conversation because
the other person is talking continously
"When Leon starts to speak about his website and what he wants
to do with it in the future you really can't get a word in edgeways.

Exercise - Fill the gaps with one word each gap

  1. I can't do this all myself, would you lend me a ____________ ?
  2. Nobody paid any attention to me. Everything I said fell on ____________ ears.
  3. These coats are so common. Every Tom, Dick and ____________ seems to be wearing one.
  4. Steve was absent last week and doesn't know what's happened. Would you go and get him up to date. Sit down with him for a while and put him in the ____________
  5. Do you really expect me to believe that! I wasn't born ____________

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