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Merging B and P consonant sounds. 'Bet' and 'Pet' sound different

P is voiceless but B is voiced. Test this by feeling your throat as you pronounce P and B. If you feel voice movement in your throat when you say the letter 'P', it's because you automatically follow it with a schwa sound COMPUTER , BALLOON
  • “people” [PiY  pəl]
  • “pepper” [PɛP  pər]
  • “pebble” [  bəl]
  • “public” [  blɪk]
  • “potato” [pə  TeY  dow]
  • “butter” [  dər]
  • “beeper” [BiY  pər]
  • “back” [BÆK]
  • “baking” [BeY  kIng]
  • “helicopter” [  lə  kɑp  tər]
  • “duped” [DUWPT]
  • “debit” [  bɪt]
  • “prohibit” [prə    bIt]
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