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These 3000 words are the most common in English. If you speak English, you should know these words. face face up to facility fact factor factory fail failure faint faintly fair fairly faith faithful faithfully fall false fame familiar family famous fan fancy far farm farmer farming farther farthest fashion fashionable fast fasten fat father faucet fault favour favourite fear feather feature February federal fee feed feel feeling fellow female fence festival fetch fever few field fifteen fifteenth fifth fiftieth fifty fight fighting figure figure out file fill fill in fill out fill up film final finally finance financial find find out fine finely finger finish finished finish off fire firm firmly first fish fishing fit fit in five fix fixed flag flame flash flat flavour flesh flight float flood flooded flooding floor flour flow flower flu fly flying focus fold folding follow following follow up food foot football for force forecast foreign forest forever forget forgive fork form formal formally former formerly formula fortieth fortune forty forward found foundation four fourteen fourteenth fourth frame free freedom freely freeze frequent frequently fresh freshly Friday fridge friend friendly friendship frighten frighten away/off frightened frightening from front frozen fruit fry fuel full fully fun function function as fund fundamental funeral funny fur furniture further future gain gallon gamble gambling game gap garage garbage garden gas gasoline gate gather gear general generally generate generation generous generously gentle gentleman gently genuine genuinely geography get get away get away with get back get by get in get into get off get on get on with get out of get over get round get round to get through get up giant gift girl girlfriend give give away give back give in give off give out give up glad glass global glove glue go go ahead goal go away go back go back to go by god go down go into gold good goodbye goods go off go on go on doing go out go out with go over go round go through go through with go to go up govern government governor go with go without grab grade gradual gradually grain gram grammar grand grandchild granddaughter grandfather grandmother grandparent grandson grant grass grateful grave 1 gravely great greatly green grey grocery ground group grow growth grow up guarantee guard guess guest guide guilty gun guy habit hair hairdresser half hall hammer hand hand back hand down hand in handle hand out hand over hand round hang hang about hang about with hang around hang around with hang on hang on to hang up happen happen to happily happiness happy hard hardly harm harmful harmless hat hate hatred have have back have on have to he head headache heal health healthy hear hear from hearing hear of heart heat heating heat up heaven heavily heavy heel height hell hello help helpful help out hence her here hero hers herself hesitate hi hide high highlight highly highway hill him himself hip hire hire out his historical history hit hobby hold hold back hold on hold on to hold out hold up hole holiday hollow holy home homework honest honestly honour hook hope horizontal horn horror horse hospital host hot hotel hour house household housing how however huge human humorous humour hundred hundredth hungry hunt hunting hurry hurry up hurt husband I ice ice cream idea ideal identify identify with identity i.e. if ignore ill illegal illegally illness illustrate image imaginary imagination imagine immediate immediately immoral impact impatient implication imply import import importance important importantly impose impossible impress impressed impression impressive improve improvement in inability inch incident include including income increase increasingly indeed independence independent independently index indicate indication indirect indirectly individual indoor indoors industrial industry inevitable inevitably infect infected infection infectious influence inform informal information ingredient initial initially initiative injure injured injury ink inner innocent insect insert inside insist insist on insist on doing install instance instead instead of institute institution instruction instrument insult insulting insurance intelligence intelligent intend intended intention interest interested interesting interior internal international Internet interpret interpretation interrupt interruption interval interview into introduce introduction invent invention invest investigate investigation investment invitation invite involve involved involvement iron irritate irritated irritating island issue it item its itself jacket jam January jealous jeans jelly jewellery job join join in joint jointly joke journalist journey joy judge judgement juice July jump June junior just justice justified justify keen keep keep out keep out of keep up keep up with key keyboard kick kid kill killing kilogram kilometre kind kindly kindness king kiss kitchen knee knife knit knitted knitting knock knock down knock out knot know knowledge lab label laboratory labour lack lacking lady lake lamp land landscape lane language large largely last 1 late later latest latter laugh laugh at launch law lawyer lay layer lazy lead 1 leader leading 1 leaf league lean learn least leather leave leave out lecture left leg legal legally lemon lend length less lesson let let down let off letter level library licence license lid lie 1 lie 2 lie around lie down life lift light lightly like likely limit limited limit to line link lip liquid list listen literature litre little live 1 live 2 lively live on live through live together living load loan local locally locate located location lock lock up logic logical lonely long look look after look at look down on look forward to look into look on look on with look out look out for look round look through look up look up to loose loosely lord lorry lose loss lost lot loud loudly love lovely lover low loyal luck lucky luggage lump lunch lung machine machinery mad magazine magic mail main mainly maintain major majority make make into make up make-up make up for male mall man manage management manager manner manufacture manufacturer manufacturing many map March march mark market marketing marriage married marry mass massive master match matching match up mate material mathematics matter maximum May may maybe mayor me meal mean meaning means meanwhile measure measurement meat media medical medicine medium meet meeting meet up meet with melt member membership memory mental mentally mention menu mere merely mess message metal method metre mid- midday middle midnight might mild mile military milk milligram millimetre million millionth mind mine mineral minimum minister ministry minor minority minute 1 mirror miss missing miss out mistake mistake for mistaken mix mixed mixture mix up mobile mobile phone model modern mom moment Monday money monitor month mood moon moral morally more moreover morning most mostly mother motion motor motorbike motorcycle mount mountain mouse mouth move move in movement move out move over movie movie theater moving Mr Mrs Ms much mud multiply mum murder muscle museum music musical musician must my myself mysterious mystery nail naked name nail naked name narrow nation national natural naturally nature navy near nearby nearly neat neatly necessarily necessary neck need needle negative neighbour neighbourhood neither nephew nerve nervous nervously nest net network never nevertheless new newly news newspaper next next to nice nicely niece night nine nineteen nineteenth ninetieth ninety ninth no nobody noise noisily noisy non- none nonsense no one nor normal normally north northern nose not note note down nothing notice noticeable novel November now nowhere nuclear number nurse nut obey object object objective observation observe obtain obvious obviously occasion occasionally occupied occupy occur occur to ocean o’clock October odd oddly of off offence offend offense offensive offer office officer official officially often oh oil OK old old-fashioned on once one one another onion online only onto open opening openly open up operate operation opinion opponent opportunity oppose opposed opposing opposite opposition option or orange order ordinary organ organization organize organized origin original originally other otherwise ought to our ours ourselves out outdoor outdoors outer outline output outside outside outstanding oven over overall overall overcome owe own owner own up pace 1 pack package packaging packet pack up page pain painful paint painter painting pair palace pale pan 1 panel pants paper parallel parent park parliament part particular particularly partly partner partnership party pass passage pass away pass by passenger passing pass on pass out passport pass round pass through past path patience patient pattern pause pay pay back payment pay out pay up peace peaceful peak pen pencil penny pension 1 people pepper per per cent perfect perfectly perform performance performer perhaps period permanent permanently permission permit person personal personality personally persuade pet petrol phase philosophy phone photo photocopy photograph photographer photography phrase physical physically physics piano pick pick up picture piece pig pile pile up pill pilot pin pink pint pipe pitch pity place plain plan plane planet planning plant plastic plate platform play play about player play with pleasant pleasantly please pleased pleasing pleasure plenty plot plug plug in plus 1 p.m. pocket poem poetry point pointed point out poison poisonous pole police policy polish polite politely political politically politician politics pollution pool poor pop popular population port pose position positive possess possession possibility possible possibly post post office pot potato potential potentially pound pour powder power powerful practical practically practice practise praise pray prayer precise precisely predict prefer preference pregnant premises preparation prepare prepared presence present present presentation preserve president press pressure presumably pretend pretty prevent previous previously price pride priest primarily primary prime minister prince princess principle print printer printing print off prior priority prison prisoner private privately prize probable probably problem procedure proceed process 1 produce producer product production profession professional professor profit program programme progress progress project project promise promote promotion prompt promptly pronounce pronunciation proof proper properly property proportion proposal propose prospect protect protection protest protest proud proudly prove provide provided providing pub public publication publicity publicly publish publishing pull pull apart pull down pull in pull off pull out pull over pull through pull together pull up punch punish punishment pupil purchase pure purely purple purpose pursue push push about push forward put put away put back put down put forward put in put off put on put out put through put together put up put up with qualification qualified qualify quality quantity quarter queen question quick quickly quiet quietly quit quite quote race racing radio rail railroad railway rain raise range rank rapid rapidly rare rarely rate rather raw re- reach react reaction read reader reading read out read over ready real realistic reality realize really rear reason reasonable reasonably recall receipt receive recent recently reception reckon reckon on recognition recognize recommend record record recording recover red reduce reduction refer reference refer to reflect reform refrigerator refusal refuse 1 regard regarding region regional register regret regular regularly regulation reject relate related relate to relation relationship relative relatively relax relaxed relaxing release relevant relief religion religious rely rely on remain remaining remains remark remarkable remarkably remember remind remind of remote removal remove rent rented repair repeat repeated repeatedly replace reply report represent representative reproduce reputation request require requirement rescue research reservation reserve resident resist resistance resolve resort resort to resource respect respond response responsibility responsible rest restaurant restore restrict restricted restriction result result in retain retire retired retirement return reveal reverse review revise revision revolution reward rhythm rice rich rid ride rider ridiculous riding right rightly ring 1 ring 2 ring back rise risk rival river road rob rock role roll romantic roof room root rope rough roughly round rounded route routine row 1 royal rub rubber rubbish rude rudely ruin ruined rule rule out ruler rumour run run after run away runner running run out run over run through rural rush sack sad sadly sadness safe safely safety sail sailing sailor salad salary sale salt salty same sample sand satisfaction satisfied satisfy satisfying Saturday sauce save saving say scale scare scared scare off scene schedule scheme school science scientific scientist scissors score scratch scream screen screw sea seal seal off search season seat second 1 secondary secret secretary secretly section sector secure security see see about seed seek seem see to select selection self self- sell sell off sell out senate senator send send for send off senior sense sensible sensitive sentence separate separate separated separately separation September series serious seriously servant serve service session set set off set out settle settle down set up seven seventeen seventh seventieth seventy several severe severely sew sewing sex sexual sexually shade shadow shake shall shallow shame shape shaped share sharp sharply shave she sheep sheet shelf shell shelter shift shine shiny ship shirt shock shocked shocking shoe shoot shoot down shooting shop shopping short shortly shot should shoulder shout show shower show off show round show up shut shut down shut in shut out shut up shy sick side sideways sight sign signal signature significant significantly silence silent silk silly silver similar similarly simple simply since sincere sincerely sing singer singing single sink sir sister sit sit down site situation six sixteen sixth sixtieth sixty size skilful skilfully skill skilled skin skirt sky sleep sleeve slice slide slight slightly slip slope slow slowly small smart smash smell smile smoke smoking smooth smoothly snake snow so soap social socially society sock soft softly software soil soldier solid solution solve some some somebody somehow someone something sometimes somewhat somewhere son song soon sore sorry sort sort out soul sound soup sour source south southern space spare speak speaker speak out speak up special specialist specially specific specifically speech speed speed up spell spelling spend spice spicy spider spin spirit spiritual spite split split up spoil spoken spoon sport spot spray spread spread out spring square squeeze stable staff stage stair stamp stand standard stand back stand by stand for stand out stand up stand up for star stare start start off start out start up state statement station statue status stay stay away stay out of steadily steady steal steam steel steep steeply steer step stick stick out stick to stick up sticky stiff stiffly still sting stir stock stomach stone stop store storm story stove straight strain strange strangely stranger strategy stream street strength stress stressed stretch strict strictly strike striking string strip stripe striped stroke strong strongly structure struggle student studio study stuff stupid style subject substance substantial substantially substitute succeed success successful successfully such suck sudden suddenly suffer suffering sufficient sufficiently sugar suggest suggestion suit suitable suitcase suited sum summary summer sum up sun Sunday superior supermarket supply support supporter suppose sure surely surface surname surprise surprised surprising surprisingly surround surrounding surroundings survey survey survive suspect suspicion suspicious swallow swear swearing sweat sweater sweep sweet swell swelling swim swimming swimming pool swing switch switch off swollen symbol sympathetic sympathy system table tablet tackle tail take take away take back take down take in take off take on take over take up talk tall tank tap tape target task taste tax taxi tea teach teacher teaching team tear 1 tear 2 tear up technical technique technology telephone television tell tell off temperature temporarily temporary ten tend tendency tension tent tenth term terrible terribly test text than thank thanks thank you that that the theatre their theirs them theme themselves then theory there therefore they thick thickly thickness thief thin thing think think about thinking think of think of as think over think up third thirsty thirteen thirteenth thirtieth thirty this thorough thoroughly though thought thousand thousandth thread threat threaten threatening three throat through throughout throw throw away throw out thumb Thursday thus ticket tidy tie tie up tight tightly till time timetable tin tiny tip tip over tire tired tire out tiring title to today toe together toilet tomato tomorrow ton tone tongue tonight tonne too tool tooth top topic total totally touch tough tour tourist towards towel tower town toy trace track trade trading tradition traditional traditionally traffic train training transfer transfer transform translate translation transparent transport transport transportation trap travel traveller treat treatment tree trend trial triangle trick trip tropical trouble trousers truck true truly trust truth try try on try out tube Tuesday tune tunnel turn turn back turn down turn into turn off turn on turn out turn over turn round turn to turn up TV twelfth twelve twentieth twenty twice twin twist twisted two type typical typically tyre the unemployed the unexpected ugly ultimate ultimately umbrella unable unacceptable uncertain uncle uncomfortable unconscious uncontrolled under underground underneath understand understanding underwater underwear undo unemployed unemployment unexpected unexpectedly unfair unfairly unfortunate unfortunately unfriendly unhappy uniform unimportant union unique unit unite united universe university unkind unknown unless unlike unlikely unload unlucky unnecessary unpleasant unreasonable unsteady unsuccessful untidy until unusual unusually unwilling unwillingly up upon upper upset upset upsetting upside down upstairs upward upwards urban urge urgent us use use used 1 used 2 used to useful useless user use up usual usually vacation valid valley valuable value van variation varied variety various vary vast vegetable vehicle venture version vertical very via victim victory video view village violence violent violently virtually virus visible vision visit visitor vital vocabulary voice volume vote wage waist wait waiter wake walk walking walk out walk up wall wallet wander want war warm warmth warm up warn warning wash wash away washing wash off wash out wash up waste watch watch out watch out for water wave way we weak weakness wealth weapon wear wear away wear off wear out weather web website wedding Wednesday week weekend weekly weigh weight welcome well well known west western wet what whatever wheel when whenever where whereas wherever whether which while whisper whistle white who whoever whole whom whose why wide widely width wife wild wildly will willing willingly willingness win wind 1 wind 2 window wine wing winner winning winter wire wise wish with withdraw within without witness woman wonder wonderful wood wooden wool word work worker working work out world worried worry worrying worse worship worst worth would wound 1 wounded wrap wrapping wrist write write back write down writer writing written wrong wrongly yard yawn yeah year yellow yes yesterday yet you young your yours yourself youth zero zone
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