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7 Fractions The cunning bit with long wordy questions is picking out the important bits and then translating them into numbers. It's not that easy at first, but you'll get better — I guess you've just gotta learn to ignore the waffly stuff. Answer these without using your calculator: Q7 What fraction of 1 hour is: a) 5 minutes b) 15 minutes c) 40 minutes? Q8 If a TV programme lasts 40 minutes, what fraction of the programme is left after: a) 10 minutes b) 15 minutes c) 35 minutes? Q9 A café employs eighteen girls and twelve boys to wait at tables. Another six boys and nine girls work in the kitchen. What fraction of the kitchen staff are girls? What fraction of the employees are boys? In a survey, people were asked if they liked a new cola drink. One in five thought it was great, four out of fifteen felt there was no difference in taste, three in ten disliked it and the rest offered no opinion. What fraction of people offered no opinion? \\\ //// Forget all about cola drinks — just write it all as a sum, then do the calculation. Nowt to it. //// \\ \\\\ Q11 Neil wore red trousers on a total of 12 days in November. a) On what fraction of the total number of days in November did Neil wear red trousers? b) For 1/5 of the days in November Neil wore a blue shirt. How many days is this? Q12 The Sandwich Club of Great Britain are going on their annual picnic. a) The boxes they use to transport their sandwiches are 10 inches high and are the width and length of a single sandwich. Each sandwich is 5/8 inch thick. How many boxes will they need for 80 sandwiches? b) How tall would the box need to be if 40 sandwiches were to be stacked inside? SECTION ONE — NUMBERS

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