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I don't want to spoil the surprise, but you're going to need your calculator for this bit — get your finger on that fraction button... RATIOS are like FRACTIONS which are like DECIMALS We can treat the RATIO 3:4 like the FRACTION 3/4, which is 0.75 as a DECIMAL.1 Watch out though — this isn't 3/4 of the total: If there are girls and boys in the ratio 3:4, it means there's 3/4 as many girls as boys. So if there's 8 boys, there's 3/4 x 8 = 6 girls.
  1. Write these ratios in their simplest forms: a) 6:8 c) 1.5:3 e) 2 weeks:4 days b) 5:20 d) 21/4:4 f) f1.26:14p
  2. A rectangle has sides in the ratio 1:2. Calculate the length of the longer side if the shorter side is: a) 3 cm b) 5.5 cm c) 15.2 m Calculate the length of the shorter side if the longer side is: d) 3 cm e) 5.5 cm f) 15.2 m
  3. Divide the following amounts in the ratios given: a) £20 in the ratio 2:3 c) 500 g in the ratio 1:2:2 b) 150 m in the ratio 8:7 d) 8 hrs in the ratio 1:2:3
  4. a) Increase £3.20 in the ratio 2:3. b) Decrease 120 cm in the ratio 3:2.
    For these you add up the ratio = numbers to find the total number of =1 = parts and divide by this. Then multiply—by each number in the ratio separately= to find the different amounts.
  5. John and Peter share a bar of chocolate marked into 16 squares. They share it in the ratio 1:3 respectively. How many squares does each boy get?
  6. Tony gives £100 to be shared by Jane, Holly and Rosemary in a ratio according to their age. Jane is 10, Holly is 12 and Rosemary is 3 years old. How much will each child get? et -1 A 2 litre bottle of cola is to be shared between three girls in the ratio 2:3:5. How many milli-litres will each girl get? 1 1 Watch out for your units — you'll have to change them over - for this one — and your answer should be in milli-litres. I I II 1 3 I 111,11 I 1 s Illy, Oak and ash saplings are planted along a roadside in the ratio 2:3 respectively. If there are 20 oak saplings, how many ash saplings are there?
  7. Sunil and Paul work in a restaurant. As they work different hours, they split their tips in the ratio 3:4. One night they got f28 in tips between them. Who got the most money from the tips and how much did they get?

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