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Numbers - Ratios

  1. The recipe for flapjacks is 250 g of oats, 150 g of brown sugar and 100 g of margarine. What fraction of the mixture is: a) oats? b) sugar?
  2. The ratio of girls to boys in a school is 7:6. If there are 455 pupils in total, how many are a) girls? b) boys?
  3. Sarah works as a waitress. Each week, she splits her wage into spending money and savings in the ratio 7:3.
    1. One week, Sarah earns £130. How much should she put in her savings that week?
    2. The next week, Sarah put £42 into her savings. How much did she earn in total that week?
  4. An architect is drawing the plan of a house to a scale of 1 cm to 3 m. a) Write this ratio in its simplest form. b) How wide is a room that appears as 2 cm on the drawing? c) The hall is 10 m long. How long will the architect need to make it on the drawing?
  5. Concrete is mixed using cement, sand and gravel in the ratio 1:3:6. If Dave uses a 5 kg bag of cement, how much:
    1. sand does he need?
    2. gravel does he need?
    3. If Dave needs 80 kg of concrete, how much of each substance does he need?
  6. Make sure you convert to the same units when you're -working out the ratio. If I picked some strawberries after a few wet days. Some were nibbled by snails, some were mouldy and some fine. The ratio was 2:3:10 respectively. If 9 strawberries were mouldy how many: a) were fine? b) were not fine? c) What fraction of the total amount were fine?
  7. Salt & Vinegar, Cheese & Onion and Prawn Cocktail flavour crisps were sold in the school tuck shop in the ratio 5:3:2 If 18 bags of Prawn Cocktail were sold, how many bags: a) of Salt & Vinegar were sold? b) were sold altogether?

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