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Number - Proportion

  1. If 3 minibuses can carry 51 students, how many students can 5 minibuses carry?
  2. If 17 textbooks cost £150.45, how much will 28 cost?
  3. If it takes 4 people 28 hours to complete a task, how long would it take just one person?
  4. A person earns £6.20 an hour. How much do they earn for 151/2 hours work?
  5. Wool from 8 sheep is needed to make a scarf. How many are needed to make 12 scarves?
  6. On a map, 2 cm represents 3 km. a) If two towns are 14 km apart, what is the distance between them on the map? b) If two road junctions are 20.3 cm apart on the map, what is their real distance apart?
  7. A herd of 7 cows produces 161 litres of milk a day. Find the smallest number of cows it would take to produce at least 1000 litres per day.
  8. The number of people who have their hearing damaged at a concert is proportional to how loud it is. 480 people have their hearing damaged when the volume is set at '6'. How many people suffer hearing damage when: a) the volume is set at '4'? b) the volume is set at '7'? Q c) the volume is turned up to '11'?
  9. A scientist proposes that rainfall is proportional to latitude. It rains an average of 53.1 cm a year in Milton Keynes, which is at latitude 52.0° N. If the scientist is correct, what is the average rainfall in: a) Ulverston — latitude 54.2° N? b) Boscastle — latitude 50.4° N? If average daytime temperature in July is inversely proportional to latitude and it's 21.0 °C in Boscastle, what will the average daytime temperature in July be in: c) Milton Keynes? d) U lverston? The speed of light is inversely proportional to the 'refractive index' of the material it's travelling through. The speed of light in water is 225 000 km/s. Water has a refractive index of 1.33. What is the speed of light in: a) Glass which has a refractive index of 1.50? b) Diamond which has a refractive index of 2.42? c) A vacuum which has a refractive index of 1.00?

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