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12 Percentages Make sure you can switch from fractions to decimals to percentages before you start. Q1 Express each percentage as a decimal: a) 20% b) 35% c) 2% d) 62.5% Q2 Express each percentage as a fraction in its lowest terms: a) 20% b) 3% c) 70% d) 84.2% Q3 Express each of the following as a percentage: a) 8- b) 0.23 c) 4012 d) 0.34 Q4 In a French test, Lauren scored 17/20. What percentage is this? Q5 87 out of 120 pupils at Backwater School have access to a computer. What percentage is this? There are three types of percentage question. The first one is working out "something % of something else" — it's dead easy. Just remember to add it back on to the original amount if you've got a VAT question. Q6 John bought a new TV. The tag in the shop said it cost f299 + VAT. If VAT is charged at 171/2%, how much did he pay (to the nearest penny)? Q7 vela■IlLa THE PICKLED PARROT Four friends stay at the Pickled Parrot Hotel for a night and each have an evening meal. Bed and Breakfast costs f37 per person and the evening meal costs £15 per person. How much is the total cost, if VAT is added at 171/2%? Q8 The owners of a museum are expecting a 14% increase in visitors next year. This year they had 20 200 visitors. How many visitors should they expect next year? SECTION ONE - NUMBERS

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