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Number - Percentages

  1. Donald earns an annual wage of £23 500. He doesn't pay tax on the first £6400 that he earns. How much income tax does he pay a year if the rate of tax is: a) 25% b) 40%?
  2. Tim is choosing between two cars to buy. The first car is priced at £8495 and has 15% off. The second car is priced at £8195 and has 12% off. Which car is the cheapest? Show your working.
  3. Tanya paid £6500 for her new car. Each year its value decreased by 8%.
    1. How much was it worth when it was one year old?
    2. How much was it worth when it was two years old?
  4. Jeremy wanted a new sofa for his lounge. A local furniture shop had just what he was looking for — and for only £130.00 + VAT. Jeremy had £150 pounds in his bank account. If VAT was charged at 171/2%, could Jeremy afford the sofa?
    Here's the 2" type — finding "something as a percentage of something else" — in this case you're looking at percentage change, so don't forget to find the difference in values first.
  5. During a rainstorm, a water butt increased in weight from 10.4 kg to 13.6 kg. What was the percentage increase (to the nearest per cent)?
  6. An electrical store reduces the price of a particular camera from £90.00 to £78.30. What is the percentage reduction?
  7. There are approximately 6000 fish and chip shops in the UK. On average, a fish and chip shop gets about 160 visitors each day. Given that the population of the UK is roughly 60 million, approximately what percentage of the population visit a fish and chip shop each day?
  8. At birth, Veronica was 0.3 m tall. By adulthood she had grown to 1.5 m tall. Calculate her height now as a percentage of her height at birth.

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