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Vocabulary: collocations (body)

1 Decide which of these phrases you can see illustrated below.
  1. hold your breath
  2. drum your fingers
  3. shrug your shoulders
  4. wrinkle your nose
  5. crack your knuckles
  6. purse your lips
  7. when something smells bad
  8. clench your fist
  9. twist your ankle
  10. pull a muscle
  11. raise your eyebrows
  12. shake your head
  13. lick your lips

Now match the phrases with the appropriate situations.
EXAMPLE: 2 matches with d
  1. when you are annoyed
  2. when something is tasty
  3. in disbelief
  4. when you are impatient
  5. to show disagreement
  6. when you are angry
  7. while playing a sport e.g. football
  8. when you don't care
  9. if you step awkwardly while walking on rough ground
  10. to annoy other people
  11. when you are feeling anxious
2 Take it in turns to mime each of the actions above. Choose your partner. They must say what you are doing/have done.
EXAMPLE: >You're raising your eyebrows!
3 Now respond to your partner miming the action by asking for a reason. Your partner should explain why/how.
Student A: (licking her lips)
Student B: Why are you licking your lips?
Student A: I'm thinking about the meal that my boyfriend is going to cook for me this evening.
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