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Hi Carlos - Just a quick note to say ....

Find ten grammar mistakes in this letter. Click the help for explanations then listen to check your answers.

1 - Read his letter

Hi Carlos

Just touching base to tell to you about the film I went to see last night as you asked. My advice to you are don't bother with it at all! It was complete rubbish and a waste of time and money. I really wish I had not gone myself, and if I'd have read the reviews , I'd have given it a miss.
I've been going to the cinema regularly, since at least six years, and that was by far the worse film I have seen up to now. It's a such terrible film that I can't understand how or why they decided to make it. Apart of everything else , I was so bored! So, in case you might consider to go , you know my opinion now! Anyway - enough of my complaints - and in spite of my disappointment with this particular film I haven't actually gone off films in general. So, on a different topic, I know that you are interested in live music gigs, and I wondered whether might you like to come with me to the open-air concert in the park next Saturday. It'll be great and all the others are going. Let me know it what you think. But unless I hear from you by Friday, I'll assume you can't make it. I'm attaching more information with this email so you can see who is playing, and we can get the tickets on the night.

So that's all for now.

Speak to you soon. All the best. Jose.

2 - Explanations

Click the button for explanations and grammar reference links

3 - Listen to Check your answers

4 - Some Speaking Practice

If you have your teacher or class here, work in pairs. Ask your partner these questions and find follow up questions to develop a good conversation.

What was the worst film that you have ever seen? Why was it so bad?


5 -Grammar Points

There are ten grammar mistakes in the above text. Use the grammar points listed here to help you find them all.

  1. Transitive or intransitive verbs.
  2. Comparative and superlative Adjectives
  3. Countable and uncountable nouns -
  4. Past perfect tense -
  5. Present perfect tense
  6. Verbs following verbs

6 - Correct or Incorrect

Enter "a" or "b" if one is correct, or enter "both" or "none" if both are correct or neither are correct

    1. The information are ready
    2. The information is available now.
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    1. We see it yesterday
    2. I have seen it
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