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Why not join a language club?

Target Language

  1. Mention Verb
    To speak about something casually or quickly without giving too much detail. "I'll mention your plan in the next meeting.
    To refer to something.
    "I promise that I won't mention that again."
  2. Mention Noun
    The festival didn't even get a mention in the newspaper.
  3. Don't mention it.
    said to be polite after someone has thanked you "Thanks for your help." "Don't mention it."
  4. not to mention.
    used when you want to emphasize something that you are adding to a list He's one of the kindest and most intelligent, not to mention handsome, man I know.

Did, I mention that I've just joined a language club? It's a great way of learning English, not to mention meeting lots of new friends. This club is a really great idea and I'm sure that it will get a mention in the local newspaper.

Complete the fill-in-the-blanks with these words. You may use them more than once.
1. "not to mention"
2. Consitently

  1. Troy's irregular sleep pattern didn't help his health,
    Login please   ____________   X
    his high blood pressure and stress levels.
  2. Having many friends in the soccer team really helped boost his confidence,
    Login please   ____________   X
    his performance.
  3. If you
    Login please   ____________   X
    do these exercises, your capacity to work will increase, not to mention
    Login please   ____________   X
  4. If you lack consistency in your actions and words, you'll soon find yourself losing people's trust, not to mention
    Login please   ____________   X
  1. Why is practice important in learning a language?
  2. How is making an effort to be in a setting where practicing a secondary language would be enforced encouraged?
  3. Were you ever forced to leave or join a group?
  4. How would a group / public commitment force someone to fulfill their promises?
JD : That was a great lesson. I find this club especially useful in learning Japanese.
Josh : I know. I finally understand the different verb tenses, not to mention I've made a lot of new friends.
JD : Do you want to get together and practice working on sentence structure together?
Josh : That sounds great. How about tomorrow after work we meet for a drink and then go over what we learned tonight?
JD : Okay. Also, we could try only talking in Japanese. If we ...

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