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Noun phrase stress patterns in English pronunciation

1 Read these sentences. What difference does the position of the stress make to the meaning of the sentences?
  1. That's Simon's brother.
  2. Do you have a book about indoor plants?
  3. I'd like to buy my girlfriend a gold ring.
  4. I love goat's cheese.


Which of these sentences are correct?

  1. The hair of Susan needs cutting. (n)
    Susan's hair needs cutting (y)
  2. Could I have a spoonful of sugar in my coffee. (y)
  3. There is an excellent shoes shop in the high street. (n) shoe shop
  4. There was a very good documentary about Indian tigers on TV last night. (y)
  5. We need an 18-years old girl to play this part. (n) 18-year old
  6. Tom was involved in a minor (not so serious) car's accident at the weekend. (n) car accident (y)
  7. This car's top speed is over 250 km per hour.
  8. The car door (y)
  9. The car driver (y)
  10. Police divers searched along the river bed but they couldn't find the missing knife.

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