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1 Noun phrases - Making Sentences

Make single sentences containing all the information in brackets.
EXAMPLE: They live in a house (?250,000; the house is in Scotland; an amazing view of the countryside)
They live in a ?250,000 house in Scotland with an amazing view of the countryside.
  1. There was a delay at the airport (three hours , Rome , technical reasons)
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  2. He has a painting in his study (100 years old , oil , Picasso was painted it)
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  3. She has been a teacher ( Maths, local secondary school , 25-years)
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  4. We did a walk for charity ( twenty miles , the charity is for children, the weekend)
    Charity = Collecting money for a good cause
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  5. They had a meal ( three-course, a bottle of wine , under 35 pounds)
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  6. A girl was awarded a medal ( 13 years old , gold, she was brave, the mayor gave the award)
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