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Sheep and a Horse Chatting

Present perfect or past perfect. Complete the gaps in this conversation by filling the gaps.

How many tenses can you use to make sentences?

Reported Speech

Some of this text is direct speech in the present perfect and sometimes it is reported speech in the past perfect. When we report the present perfect, we might need to shift back one step into the past perfect. We can remain in the present perfect if the situation has not changed. for example if the reporting is immediate. Eg: Leon: "I've been working all day."
Immediate report: "Leon said that he has been working all day today" (Today is still today.)
Reporting some days later: "Leon said that he had been working all day that day."
2 Complete the gaps by putting the verb in brackets into a correct tense:

Fancy That!

A horse and a sheep were walking past a bar one sunny day. Fancy a cold drink?' said the horse. (1)" I
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(pull) a cart all day, and it's thirsty work, I can tell you."
The sheep (2)
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(sit) in a field all afternoon, with no protection from the sun: the only thing he (3)
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(have) to drink all day was filthy water.
"I know what you mean", he said. "I (4)
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(think) about a cold glass of beer since 12 o'clock." So they went inside. The horse ordered two beers and reached over for the menu. "I fancy something to eat as well", he said (5)I
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(eat) ten sacks of oats so far this week and I'm just about sick of them. I don't think my owner (6)
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(hear) of a balanced diet.
"Too right", said the sheep. "I need a change too. I fancy a burger. (7)
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(you/try) the burgers here?" The horse replied that it was the first time he (8)
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(eat) there too, but he decided to have the same, with extra cheese. Then he remembered he (9)
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(not / go ) to the lavatory all day, and he needed to go urgently.
"Any idea where the lavatory is?" he asked his friend.
"No, I don't."
Just then, a dog who (10)
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(sit) at a nearby table came over and said: "please forgive me, but I (11)
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(listen) to your conversation, and I can tell you that the lavatory is downstairs, on your left." The sheep turned to the horse with an amazed look on his face. "Fancy that! I (12)
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Some Questions

  1. What does the word Fancy mean in "Fancy a drink?" and "Fancy that!"
  2. What does "So far, so good" mean ?

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