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Grammar - Purpose, reason and result

Complete this blog from a language learners' website using one word only. more than one option may be possible.

On the whole, my Spanish lessons are going well. However I think some people find It difficult to understand what I'm saying, probably

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of my poor pronunciation. Pronunciation isn't my strongest point,
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I've decided to try to improve It. I've borrowed some Spanish DVDs, from the library, with the
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of listening to native speakers and trying to copy them. I've borrowed both Spanish and Mexican films so
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to hear a variety of accents, with the
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that I now have 12 films to watch! I need to return these DVDs by Monday morning
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I'll get one of those formal library letters that say something like
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to your failure to return the following library materials. we are imposing a charge of £5. Obviously I don't want to pay a fine, which
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I'll have to watch the DVDs over the weekend. Anyway, I've decided to cancel all my weekend appointments to make
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I have plenty of time to watch them. And I'll take the phone off the hook in
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anyone tries to call me. Perhaps by Monday my pronunciation will have improved!


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