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Animals can do that

Play Guess the Animal with your friends and your teacher. Choose an animal but don't tell anyone which animal. Everybody else must find out which animal you are by asking questions.
Do the animal crossword puzzle

1 - Matching Exercise

Make two sets. A set of animals and a set of verbs which are things animals can do.
Make two groups. Animals Verbs
Penguin Eat Whale Run Fly Pig



2 - Crossword Puzzle

Each question part is a single cell in the crossword. Clicking on a cell that starts a word could open an input to type in the whole word, but the javascript should place the letters ino the cells.
Find all these animal words
Click on the numbered cells starting a word to write that word.

Here are your clues

1. Across A big, strong farm animal
3. Across A female chicken
6. Across It looks like a horse with long ears
10. Across Big cats with black coats
2. Down A big and very dangerous cat
4. Down A lamb's mother
5. Down An animal raised for its meat and wool
7. Down A baby cat
8. Down The long hair around a male lion's neck
9. Down They live in the sea, in rivers and in lakes
1 B U L 2 L * 3 H 4 E N
H E N 5 I * * 6 * *
7 S H 8 D 9 O N 10 M O N
11 H E Y N * 12 I * *
13 E * 14 M * * 15 T * 16 F
17 E * 18 A * * 19 T * 20 I
21 P A 22 N T H 23 E R 24 S
* * E * * N * H

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