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Business English Collocations

Which of the following uses of 'make' is NOT correct?
  1. In the early years the company made a substantial loss.
  2. In later years they started to make a profit.
  3. Our plan this year is to make more business in China.
  4. All I've ever wanted to do is make a fortune!

Some collocations of 'profit'

make a profit 
We made a small profit on the sale of our house.

generate show a profit
Their merchandizing activities should generate higher profits this year.
boost increase maximize profits
Lower manufacturing costs will help to increase our profits.
forecast a profit
Analysts forecast an £8.8 million profit next year.
profit doubles increases rises soars
Profits in the telecoms firm soared.
profit drops falls
Last year saw the company's profits fall to an all-time low.
report a profit
They reported an operating profit of £3.5 million.

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