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English Language Skills

Practice your language skills. Well designed exercises to develop your listening, speaking, reading and writing. Subscribe for daily practice so that you can ask for the teacher when you need help. Check your grades and feedback every day.


In this course we offer students the chance to speak English to native speakers from the start.
  1. First, students are helped to prepare a topic based interview sheet by a teacher who speaks their own language.
  2. Secondly, the student uses this prepared questionaire to interview a native speaker, who may also be a qualified EFL teacher. The student should respond to the answers given by the native speaker. In other words, the student should ask at least one follow-up question to every response, before continuing with the next question on their prepared question sheet.
  3. Finally, the student meets once again with the teacher who helped them prepare the questionaire. The student presents the information that they have gathered and discusses the results.
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