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The Cockney accent

About the Cockney accent of East London. As featured in "My Fair Lady" and Dickens Novels etc., The accent still exists today although these days many parts of the South-East have an accent often called Estuary English, which is a kind of decendent of Cockney. Cockney Londoners are also known for their Rhyming slang
Sound Sound

Cockney Vowels

a e i o u (as vowels)
Sound Sound The rain in spain stays mainly on the plain
Sound Now look where you're going dear

well, if you had done your duty as a mother should you wouldn't let him spoil a poor girl's flowers and run away without paying.

I ain't done nothing wrong by speaking to the gentlemen. I have the right to sell flowers anywhere I want

I swear to god . I never spoke a word

why d ya take down my words?
you just show me what you wrote about me,

I can not read it
Is it because i am selling flowers I meant no harm sir . you do not let im lay a charge against me for a word like that
you are not a gentleman to interfere in poor girl business
let him mind his own business and leave a poor girl alone

i have the right to be here if i like same ae you
whats you that say?

do you believe in this captain

My Fair Lady

Italian Job

Your only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!!


The water in Majorca doesn't taste like it ought to
Sound Sound

my name is not your business
good morning missus i would like to see the professor please
it is a businessof a personal nature
good morning sir might i ave a word with you
do not be so evil you aint erd what i come for yet
i did not come to ask for compliment and if my money is not good enough i could go else where
good enough for you, i come to have lessons in english
i want to be a lady in a flower shop instead of selling at the corner of thr street
but they wont take me unless i can talk more genteel he siad that e could teach me

well ere iam ready to learn and i will pay for im

thank you sir
i know them

that is what i said and i wont say them any more

are you kidding me? I didn't get it from the start

pink Floyd

We don't need no education
We don't need no thought control Sound Sound
All in all your just a....nother brick in the wall Sound ...Great guitar solo ......da dala da da daaaaaahh bah bah bah bah bah ....

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