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My Body - wŏ (me)
Body parts. A-Z ? Arm, back, chest, .... Can you find a body part word for every letter or the alphabet? "D" is not easy. Miss it if you like and see how many you can find.
身体部位 A-Z? 手臂,背部,胸部...... 你能找到每一个字母或字母的身体部分字? “D”不容易 如果你喜欢它,想念它,看看你能找到多少
  1. Me wŏ 我
  2. Head tóu 头
  3. Hair tóu fa
  4. Face liăn
  5. Eyebrows méi mao
  6. Eye yăn jing
  7. Nose bí zi
  8. Cheek liăn jiá
  9. Mouth zuĭ
  10. Lips zuĭ chún
  11. Teeth yá chĭ
  12. Tongue shé tou
  13. Chin xià ba
  14. Arm shŏu bì
  15. Elbow gē bo zhŏu
  16. Tummy dù zi
  17. Ears ĕr duo
  18. Neck bó zi
  19. Shoulders jiān băng
  20. Toes jiăo zhĭ
  21. Foot jiăo
  22. Leg tuĭ
  23. Knee xī gài
  24. Chest Body xiōng bù
  25. Back (of my body) hòu bèi
  26. Bottom tún bù
  27. Hand shŏu
  28. Thumb mŭ zhĭ
  29. Fingers shŏu zhĭ

1 - Beginners

  1. What big you have! All the better to see you with. X
  2. You have five on each hand. Including your thumbs. X

2 - Advanced Idiomatic expressions. Find the word

  1. Please out all these books, so that every student has one. X
  2. My hair is not straight, it is X
  3. Keep your nose out of it! your own business. X
  4. Shhhh! Walls have X
  5. He's top of the class by a mile. Head and above the rest. X
  6. He's not fully committed to this plan. He's only paying service to the idea. X
  7. I'm fed up with all this nonsense. I've had a full of it! X
  8. That man is so annoying! He's a pain in the ( irritating ) X

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